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19 Dog Friendly Beaches Croatia Has to Offer

Searching for the best dog friendly beaches Croatia has to offer? You’ve come to the right place!

Traveling internationally with your furry friend can be ruff. Whether you have a service dog that needs to come with you or just want to bring your pup on vacation (who wouldn’t?!), there’s a lot to consider about what you’ll do and where you’ll go with your dog.

I’ve been living in Croatia since 2014, where I adopted my dog 4 years later. Together, my dog Bella and I have explored countless beaches in Croatia, and have even been asked to leave a few…oops.

In general, Croatia is fairly dog-friendly, but if you happen to bring your dog somewhere that is not dog-friendly, there could be hefty fines to pay.

Since Croatia is such a hot spot for beach holidays, strict laws have been put in place so that many beaches can keep their high reputations. Some people may just want to enjoy the beach without dogs running around them and without the risk of accidentally taking a step into a bare-footed mistake…

That’s exactly why I’ve rounded up the best dog friendly beaches in Croatia so that you and your furry BFF can have a worry-free vacation.

So without further ado, here are the top pet friendly beaches Croatia has to offer!

19 Dog Friendly Beaches in Croatia

1. Beach Podvorska – Crikvencia 

This sparkling beach is located in Crikvenica, a small town in northwest Croatia, across from the islands of Cres and Krk. This beach is particularly gorgeous with turquoise water and pebbled sand and closely resembles beaches of the southern Dalmatian coast. For this reason, this beach is often regarded as the most beautiful beach to visit in Croatia with dogs. 

Podvorska Beach is very easily accessible, just off of the E65 highway and in perfect proximity to the town center of Crikvenica. 

There are plenty of amenities for people here but also for dogs! This beach is the number one dog beach in Croatia for a reason. Here you will find special dog showers, running water to fill up their water bowls, shady tents for humans and dogs, and benches to sit on. 

Dog friendly beach in the town of Selce near Crikvenica Croatia

2. Punta Kolova – Opatija

Punta Kolova Beach is the perfect place for a day with your four-legged friend while visiting Opatija!

Situated between Opatija and Ičići is the beautiful Punta Beach. To get there, simply stroll along the Lungomare promenade until you spot a beach with a “dogs allowed” sign – then you’ve arrived! This pebble paradise and shallow waters, it’s the perfect spot to take a refreshing dip with your pup.

The beach is surrounded by plenty of natural shade allowing you and your dog to relax and lounge comfortably out of direct sunlight. There is a freshwater hose on-site that you can use for rinsing off after swimming and refilling your dogs water bowl. Trashcans are also available for keeping the beach clean.

Local Tip: Opatija makes a great day trip from Zagreb if you’re looking to escape a hot summer day in the city.

Opatija dog friendly beaches Croatia

3. Saccorgiana Cove – Istria

When it comes to Pula Croatia beaches that are dog friendly, you’ll be happy to learn that this area is a very pet-friendly destination.

Many of the villas and other private accommodations in Istria welcome dogs, so it’s no surprise that the region also has some awesome dog friendly beaches that you can visit with your pup.

Also known as Zeppelin Beach, Saccorgiana Cove is one of the popular pet friendly beaches situated near Pula. Sheltered by a natural cove, the sea at Saccorgiana is pristine and pleasantly warm.

Made up of huge rocks with a gravel strip in the center, a sizeable section of this pretty beach is completely dedicated to dogs.

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    4. Zlatne Stijene – Istria

    The name of this beach literally translates to Golden Cliffs, which is an accurate depiction of this dog-friendly strand in Istria. Located in Verudela, not too far from Saccorgiana Cove, Zlatne Stijene is somewhat of a wild beach.

    It is beautiful and clean, but not for everyone as it requires a bit of agility to reach due to the nature of the landscape. Nonetheless, it’s a great little spot to escape the crowds and go for a dip with your dog if you are staying in southern Istria.

    On the same peninsula, Verudela, is the famous Hawaii Beach in Pula. The beach itself is not dog friendly, but there is a large grassy area above the beach where you can hang out with your pup in the shade.

    When I was there, my partner and I took turns swimming at the beach so one of us could remain with our dog Bella.

    Zlatne stijene, one of the many dog friendly beaches in Istria, Croatia.

    5. Kamenjak – Istria

    One of the oldest dog friendly beaches in Croatia, Kamenjak Beach is a favorite among visitors to Pula and the surrounding area.

    This beach offers refreshment for both humans and dogs within the Park Suma Kasteja, a nature park with plenty of shade and walking trails. The dog beach is wide and shallow, making it perfect for splashing around and playing fetch in the water.

    Kamenjak Beach is situated near a campsite that provides dog showers for washing the salt off of your pup after swimming. There is parking just a 5-minute walk away and a restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious meal with your pup.

    Not too far from Kamenjak is Arena 99 Glamping, one of the best spots for luxury camping in Croatia and a pet-inclusive campsite!

    A rocky beach in Istria, Croatia with unbelievably crystal clear water.

    6. Dog’s Beach Portić – Istria

    Portić is one of the newer dog beaches in Istria and is super well-equipped for a fun day out with your dog. The beach itself is pebbled and provides a relatively large section for dogs.

    It boasts dedicated pet-friendly tents offering shade from the sun, as well as pet showers and additional garbage cans for keeping the beach tidy.

    A freshwater tap is available (yes, the tap water in Croatia is safe to drink) so that your dog can stay hydrated while playing in the sea.

    So don’t worry about leaving your furry friend at home – Portić beach is a great place to bring them along and let them have just as great of a time as you!

    Dog friendly Croatia: Portic Beach in Istria (Photo: Vodnjan Tourist Board)

    7. Borik – Rovinj

    If you are looking for a dog friendly beach Rovinj has got you covered! Not only is Rovinj one of the most charming towns in Istria, it has all the amenities you need to take a vacation with your furry friend.

    The town boasts countless pet-friendly accommodations, and has a fantastic dog beach just north of the old town.

    Borik Beach is a stunning pebbled and rocky bay fringed by pine trees with spectacular views of Rovinj in the distance. It has a steady descent into the water and is roughly 200 meters in length, offering enough room for your dog to relax and play.

    There is also parking nearby (for a fee) as well as a beach bar.

    If you’re spending a few days here, be sure to check out the best things to do in Rovinj.

    A dog friendly beach in Croatia located in Istria. The beach is pebbled and rocky and the town of Rovinj can be seen in the distance.

    8. Beach Vartalac – Island Vis

    If you’re traveling around the Dalmatian archipelago, Beach Vartalac on the island of Vis is one of the best beaches on the islands to visit with your dog. 

    Vartalac Beach is special because it’s in a secluded corner near the small island town of Komiza, and it’s the perfect size for letting your pup run free while still being able to keep them in your line of sight. 

    This pebble beach is one of the only public bathing areas on the island where dogs are allowed, but owners won’t mind since the waters here are incredibly clear and calm, and it’s often not overcrowded with tourists since it is known as a dog beach. 

    If you’re planning to spend the day here, you should keep in mind that this beach does not have any amenities. No public restrooms, food stands, restaurants, water activities, nothing. So pack all your necessities for the day in advance, so you can be prepared when you arrive here.

    A view looking down onto the dog friendly beach Croatia on Vis Island. The beach is pebbled and is nestled into a cove surrounded by lush Mediterranean plants and a mountainous landscape.

    You should also know that the last reported shark attack in Croatia was just off the coast of Vis!

    9. Beach Stara Škola – Vodice

    This seaside community located right in the middle between Split and Zadar has a perfectly central beach reserved just for dogs and their owners. This beach is small, but its super accessible location makes this one of the best beaches to visit with a dog. 

    Stara Škola does not have any amenities like restrooms, drinking water, or food stands. However, this beach is so centrally located that it would be easy to pop into a nearby store for snacks when you get hungry or have a quick coffee in a cafe to gain access to their restrooms.

    There are also plenty of surrounding bars and restaurants, just none physically right there on the beach with you. It’s a great place to easily spend the day splashing around with your pup. 

    Just make sure to keep them inside the designated roped-off swimming area to avoid boat traffic. 

    A small white dog laying underneath a plastic sun lounger on a pebbled beach in Croatia.
    My dog Bella enjoying a dog friendly beach in Croatia.

    Fun fact: Did you know that the name for sharks in Croatian is “morski pas” which translates to “sea dog”? Thankfully, there aren’t many sharks swimming in the Adriatic 😉

    10. Beach Cvitačka – Makarska 

    This beach, located on the mainland just across the bay from the nearby islands of Brac and Hvar, is a very popular beach for tourists and pet owners alike. The beach is expansive and offers amenities for visitors like cafes and restrooms, but there is no clean drinking water for your pet at the dog beach section. 

    Since this is a popular beach, there is a private marked-off section just for dogs separated by rocks and boulders, so you’ll know exactly where you can take your dogs. This pebbled beach offers clear waters and plenty of places to relax in the shade under the pine trees while your dog goes for a swim.

    Beach Cvitačka is located 2 kilometers from Makarska, so you will want to plan ahead with transportation and supplies for the day. 

    A beautiful pebble beach lined with green pine trees and views of the towering Makarska mountains in the distance as the sun casts a golden glow on the water.
    Dog friendly beach Croatia | Makarska

    11. Beach Kašjuni – Split

    When it comes to Split Croatia beaches, there are only two that are officially dog friendly. One of those beaches is Kašjuni, considered to be one of the best beaches in Split.

    Lucky for the pups (and for you), there is a special small beach area that is behind a small hill and some rocks, making a completely enclosed swimming area just for dogs.

    This naturally secluded section of Kašjuni Beach is small, which is perfect for keeping an eye on your pet while still enjoying one of the best beaches in Split. There are no amenities at this beach, so plan ahead with supplies and plenty of drinking water for your dog. 

    Go beyond the beaches and discover how to spend 3 days in Split.

    A gorgeous photo of the Adriatic Sea's striking blue water surrounding Kasjuni Beach, a dog friendly beach near Split Croatia.

    12. Duilovo Beach – Split

    The second official, yet equally fantastic, dog beach in Split, Croatia is Duilovo Beach. This beach is a popular one among dog owners as it is easily accessible from downtown Split and offers numerous amenities designed with dogs in mind.

    This pebble-covered shore makes for a fun and safe beach experience. Not only will your dog enjoy walking on the pleasant surface beneath their paws, but they can also dive into the cool waters with ease!

    For some relief from the sun’s rays, there are even tents set up specifically for pups to take breaks in comfort.

    There is parking available nearby and showers on the beach for rinsing the salt off your dog after swimming. Best of all, it’s a very friendly spot with lots of friendly dogs and people! It’s the perfect place for your pup to take a dip, sunbathe, or simply hang out with some new friends.

    A close up image of a woman wearing a light brown woven sunhat sitting next to her little, white dog on a dog friendly beach in Croatia.
    My dog Bella and me enjoying a pebbled dog friendly beach in Croatia.

    13. Beach Šimuni – Island of Pag

    This beach is known to be a pet’s paradise, with stunning waters and white sand beaches. Beach Šimuni is located on Pag, which is an island just north of Zadar.

    While this beach is not an official dog beach, they have declared that pets are welcome, so you won’t be getting in trouble by bringing your dog to this particular spot. 

    Like the previous dog beaches, Beach Šimuni has a special area at the end of the beach that is dedicated as a pet-friendly area, isolated from regular beach patrons. 

    This beach has stunningly bright blue waters, plenty of shade, and is accessible to amenities. The beach is just 250 meters away from the town of Pag, where you can find shops, restaurants, and restrooms. 

    Simuni Beach Island of Pag | Dog friendly beaches Croatia

    14. Beach Kijac – Krk

    When looking for dog friendly beaches Krk, Kijac Beach is your go-to.

    This 300-meter-long beach on the island of Krk in northwest Croatia is popular for tourists with and without dogs. Kijac beach has stunning blue-green waters and a shady area to relax under the trees, which is set back from the pebbled sand area. 

    The beach doesn’t have too many amenities, but they do have showers, restrooms, and a small cafe-bar area. Perfect for showering your pooch after a long day running around in the sand and the seawater. 

    Kijac beach is located just outside of the town of Njivice, a picturesque seaside town with incredible shimmery waters, an array of bars and restaurants, a camping area, and plenty of hotels and apartments to stay at if you are planning to stay on the island for more than one day. 

    Dog friendly beach on Krk Island in Croatia | Dog friendly beaches Croatia

    15. Redagara – Krk

    This micro beach, also located on the island of Krk, is quaint and easy to get to yet secluded from the crowds. This official Croatia dog friendly beach is very small and enclosed, which means you won’t lose your dog when relaxing here.

    Redagara Beach is all stone and pebble, but we love to see that when looking for a good dog beach because your dog will be sand-free after a long day of playing!

    At this beach, you’ll find normal beachgoers looking for a secluded escape away from the crowds. However, everyone knows this is a dog beach, so you can rest easy letting your dog roam free around here. 

    There are also beautiful nearby trails and plenty of shaded areas set back from the beach if you need to seek some shelter under a tree during the hot summer months. Unfortunately though, there are no amenities at Redagara, so plan ahead with your supplies and drinking water. 

    Exploring the dog beaches Croatia has to offer with my dog, Bella
    Exploring the dog beaches Croatia has to offer with my dog, Bella.

    16. Privlaka Beach – Zadar

    Privlaka Beach is a great place to take your pup for some fun in the sun! Located in north Dalmatia near Zadar, the beach is clean, car accessible and has few wooden umbrellas to give extra shade.

    The sea here is calm and shallow, making it ideal for those with dogs…or those who just love dogs 🐶.

    Unlike most other beaches in Croatia, Privlaka Beach is sandy! You pup will surely love rolling around in the soft sand and taking a dip in the sea. The entrance to the sea is also very good, as it gradually gets deeper, which is ideal for dogs who may not be strong swimmers.

    Do note that there is no shower or changing area available and the beach has only one trash can, so remember to come prepared. Otherwise, Privlaka Beach is a perfect spot for you and your pup to spend an afternoon playing in the sand or swimming in the sea!

    In addition to dog-friendly spots, check out some of these other amazing beaches Zadar has to offer.

    An areal view of Zadar's surrounding beaches.

    17. Foša Beach – Zadar Old Town

    If you and your furry friend have been looking for the perfect beach to spend some quality time together, then look no further than Foša Beach. Located in Zadar’s Old Town at the end of Punta Bajlo on the little island of St. Klement, this beach is solely devoted to dogs and their owners.

    Surrounded by a peaceful pine forest and with benches lining the entire perimeter of the beach, Foša Beach gives you and your pup plenty of space to play and explore.

    What makes it even better is that there’s easy access to the sea from all sides of the peninsula, which means plenty of opportunities for your four-legged companion to take a dip in the ocean. Plus, there’s even a picnic area so you can relax and enjoy some snacks together.

    The only downside is that there’s no fresh drinking water available at Foša Beach, so make sure to bring enough for both you and your pup before heading out. But as long as you come prepared, Foša Beach promises to be a pawesome experience!

    A pebbled beach in Zadar surrounded by pine trees.

    18. Mandrač Beach – Dubrovnik

    The Croatia dog beach at Mandrač near Dubrovnik is a perfect spot for dog owners looking for a place to take their pup. This little beach in the Lapad area is an ideal spot to bring your four-legged friend.

    The beach itself is small and pebbled, with calm and clean waters that are perfect for splashing around in.

    There is a stone wall surrounding the beach, offering a place to put your belongings and relax. It’s important to note that Mandrač Beach doesn’t offer a lot of shade, so if you plan to spend some time there, be sure to bring an umbrella or some other form of coverage. All in all, though, it’s a lovely spot for a sunny day out with your pup.

    Before making plans to visit Mandrač, make sure you’re up to date with the current prices in Dubrovnik so you can budget accordingly.

    A view of Dubrovnik Old Town from a local beach

    Local Tip: If you’re traveling to Dubrovnik, you may want to consider spending a few days on Mljet Island with your pup. The island is full of nature and untouched beaches, most of which are also dog friendly.

    19. Zarače – Hvar

    Zaraće Beach is a true paradise for dogs and their owners. Situated at the foot of a tiny picturesque village of the same name, Zaraće is a stunning bay surrounded by rocky cliffs just 6 kilometers away from Hvar Town.

    The beach is pebbled with plenty of room for your four-legged companion to run along the shoreline. Nearby is a restaurant offering food and refreshments, and there is plenty of shade to take shelter from the sun.

    Not only is Zaraće dog friendly, it is certainly one of the best beaches in Croatia.

    The most stunning dog beach Croatia has to offer, Zarace Bay is a wonderful place to take your dog.

    Dog Friendly Beaches in Croatia Tips

    When planning to take your dog to a pet friendly beach for the day, be sure to keep the following things in mind:

    • Some of these beaches do not have any amenities or clean drinking water available, so make sure to bring enough water for yourself and your dog when you’re packing for the day. 
    • Although some of these beaches are near small villages or cities, many mini-marts and small grocers may not carry dog food, especially by the beach. So plan to bring some kibble or treats for your pup since there may not be many food options available for them. 
    • There are generally no sun chairs or umbrellas available to rent when you are at the designated dog-friendly parts of some of these major beaches. So you will want to plan ahead and bring a chair or blanket and an umbrella with you if you are planning to be there all day.

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      FAQs Dog Friendly Beaches Croatia

      Is Croatia a dog friendly country?

      Generally speaking, Croatia is dog friendly. Croatia has plenty of green spaces, dog friendly beaches, and most cafes and restaurants are accommodating to dogs.

      Is there a dog friendly beach in Hvar?

      Yes, Zarače Beach on Hvar island has a section dedicated to dogs.

      Is Split Croatia dog friendly?

      Yes, Split Croatia is dog friendly.

      Are dogs allowed in Dubrovnik?

      Yes, dogs are allowed in Dubrovnik. Dog owners should be warned that there are not many green areas within the city walls and the stone streets can get very hot in the summer, making it less than ideal to visit with dogs.

      What are the rules for dogs in Croatia?

      When entering Croatia with your dog, your pet is required to have a microchip and a pet passport which indicates that they have been vaccinated against rabies and have a clean bill of health. You should also keep your dog on a leash at all times.

      My dog Bella on a beach in Croatia. Can you tell she’s scared of the waves?

      Final Thoughts: Finding the Perfect Dog Beach Croatia

      Hopefully this post stops you from wondering “Is Croatia dog friendly?”…because it totally is!

      While the country has a growing number of dog-friendly beaches, these top the list of the cleanest, generally most accessible, and most beautiful beaches in Croatia to take your dog.

      Hopefully this post has inspired you to bring your pup along for your beach vacation to Croatia, because I assure you they will love the Adriatic Coast just as much as you do.

      Have questions about bringing your dog to Croatia? Book a 1:1 call with me and I can answer all of your questions!

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      💸 What is the currency in Croatia?
      As of January 1st, 2023, the official currency of Croatia is the Euro and NOT the Kuna (which is also the name of the national animal of Croatia).

      🇭🇷 What language do they speak in Croatia?
      Croatian is the official language of Croatia. Learn some phrases in Croatian before your trip with the Ling app!

      🚑 Should I buy Croatia travel insurance?
      10000% YES – Seriously, don’t leave home without it. You never know what can happen on the road. I like SafetyWing because they provide excellent coverage for as little as $1.50 a day.

      📱 Will my phone work in Croatia?
      Maybe – check with your provider to see if you’ll have service while traveling Croatia. If you don’t have service (or it’s too expensive) I recommend getting an eSIM like Airalo. Airalo allows you to have data while traveling without the high costs of roaming. They have super affordable plans available for 190+ countries, including Croatia. Download the app and get your plan before you leave home so that you have data as soon as you touch down in Croatia!

      🏨 What’s the best way to book my Croatia accommodations?
      For Croatia hotels, Booking is by far the best site.

      🛫 What’s the best site to buy Croatia flights?
      I always use Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights.

      🚗  Is it safe to rent a Car in Croatia?
      Yes! – In fact, renting a car in Croatia is one of the best ways to see the country! I recommend Discover Cars because they check both local and international rental companies to ensure you get the best deal. (Get your Croatia road trip itinerary here)

      💦 Is it safe to drink the water in Croatia?
      Tap water in Croatia is completely safe to drink, so bring your reusable water bottle and fill up!

      🪪 Do I need a visa for Croatia?
      Depending on where you are coming from you may or may not need a visa to enter Croatia. Check the official Republic of Croatia Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for more information on who should apply for a visa.

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