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Tipping in Croatia in 2024: Yes or No? LOCALS Answer

Asking yourself, “Do you tip in Croatia?Find out what the locals have to say about this common question!

I’ve been living in Croatia since 2014 and have been traveling to the country my entire life. As someone that was born and raised in the USA, I’m very accustomed to the tipping culture of the west.

However, after living in Croatia for so long, I’ve come to learn that tipping in Croatia is not as common, since most locals believe that staff are usually paid a fair wage for their work. In addition to my own experience, I also surveyed my Instagram audience of over 60,000 followers, asking locals to chime in on their tipping practices.

The short answer to the question is: tipping in Croatia is appreciated but not always expected.

BUT, don’t stop reading yet!

There are certain situations where tipping is culturally expected in Croatia. It is important to know when and how much to tip in order to show your appreciation for good service and avoid any awkward moments.

Keep reading to find out the results of my survey and to learn when and how you should tip in Croatia.

Is Tipping Customary in Croatia?

Yes and no. This really depends on who you ask (as you can see from the screenshots of my Instagram survey below that got 599 responses in total).

I think most Croatians will agree that tipping is not expected, but it is certainly appreciated. In recent years, it has become more common to tip in restaurants (more on that below). However, tipping is certainly not as expected or as customary as it is in the United States.

Screenshot of a survey about tipping in Croatia
Responses from local Croatians about whether or not tourists should tip in Croatia

Tipping at Restaurants in Croatia

When it comes to leaving a tip at restaurants in Zagreb and other parts of Croatia, there really is no set rule for how much you should leave.

If you are eating at a fast food place like ćevapi or getting a “topli sendvič” (similar to a panini), you wouldn’t normally leave a tip.

If you’re having a sit down meal at a mid-range restaurant, it is good to tip anywhere from 5-10%. Most locals will likely leave a 5% tip, but if you are really satisfied with the service, you can always leave a little more.

High-end restaurants will likely expect a 10-15% tip, so it is recommended to leave whatever amount you feel speaks to the quality of service you received.

As of 2024, it is possible to leave a tip at many restaurants and cafes when paying with a credit card. You will usually be prompted on the card machine to add a tip amount. However, most locals in Croatia leave tips in cash, even when paying with a card. So if you want to do as the locals do, it is recommended to have some Euros on hand for tipping.

Good to know: The waiter will not bring you the check until you request it. Most staff in Croatia generally speak English well, so you should not have a problem asking for it. You can also ask for the “račun” (pronounced rah-choon), meaning “bill” in Croatian.

A traditional Croatian meal spread with Zagrebacki odrezak and potatoes with onions, krumpir in Croatain), fried liver over mashed potatoes, a basket of sliced bread, and a bowl of fresh salad, arranged on a lace tablecloth.

Tipping at Cafes in Croatia

Croatian coffee culture is my absolute favorite, and it’s something you’ll certainly come to appreciate when you visit Croatia! Croatians like to order their coffee and spend a good hour or two enjoying it.

Coffee prices in Croatia at local cafes typically hover around €1.90 to €2.50, and leaving a tip is not necessary. However, if you want to culturally fit in, you can round up to the nearest euro or leave a small amount of change to show your waiter or barista your appreciation.

So, for example, if your bill is €1.90, you would leave €2.00.

It’s important to note here that bars and cafes are often one in the same in Croatia, so don’t be surprised if you see a coffee bar with a full range of alcoholic beverages. The tipping rule I explained above applies whether you’re ordering a basic macchiato, a soda, or a beer.

Enjoying a coffee at Cogito, one of my favorite coffee shops in Zagreb!

Tipping Food Delivery in Croatia

Tipping food delivery drivers in Croatia is not as common as it is in the west, but certainly appreciated as these tend to be low paying jobs.

Usually a Euro or two will suffice for orders up to €20.00. Of course, use your judgement, and if you are ordering a large amount, you may want to tip a little more. As mentioned earlier, tipping is not mandatory in Croatia, but your delivery person will definitely appreciate it!

You can also order food through apps like Glovo or Wolt, both of which allow you to tip the delivery driver through the app if you’re paying by card.

Tipping Taxis in Croatia

Tipping your taxi driver in Croatia is not very customary and not usually expected.

If you do feel inclined to leave a tip, and are paying for you taxi with cash, then you can round up the bill as you would when ordering coffee at a bar.

Nowadays, most people use ride hailing apps in Croatia like Uber or Bolt, which usually means you’re paying by card.

Within the apps, you can select an amount to tip your driver if you’re paying by credit card. Uber, for example, typically suggests tipping €1, €2, or €5.

Woman's hands holding a phone with a white car in the background.

Tipping Tour Guides in Croatia

When it comes to taking guided tours in Croatia, it is nice to tip your guide.

If you enjoyed the tour, you can leave your guide a few Euros per person, and if you really loved it, a 10% tip is reasonable.

Of course, as you’ve probably noticed by now, the tipping rules in Croatia are pretty laid-back. You don’t have to tip, but if you do, it’s considered a nice gesture and greatly appreciated by the locals.

Tipping at Hotels in Croatia

Tipping is usually not required when staying at hotels in Croatia.

However, if you are staying at a 5-star hotel, you may want to leave a small tip for the housekeeping staff or the bellhop who helps you with your bags. If you do so, a few Euros should usually suffice.

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    Tipping Skippers in Croatia

    Heading out on a sailing trip in Croatia? Don’t forget about tipping your skipper and boat crew! In Croatia, it’s actually expected to leave a tip after sailing adventures, which is a great way to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

    A standard tip is anywhere from 10-15% of the total cost of your cruise. If the service truly made your trip special, tipping on the higher end can express your extra thanks.

    It’s best to hand the tip directly to the skipper or the crew leader, who will share it with the team.

    A woman in a striped summer dress stands on a dock beside a sailboat, her gaze turned slightly towards the camera, with a serene sunset over the mountains in the background.

    Tipping at Hairdressers and Salons in Croatia

    When getting your hair and nails done in Croatia, tipping is not usually expected. It is, however, nice to leave your hairdresser or massage therapist a small tip if you are happy with their services.

    Croatians usually say that this is “for coffee” (za kavu), and it’s typically a few Euros.

    If you’re getting makeup done for a special event, like a wedding, or getting extensive highlights or hair coloring done, then a more generous tip is definitely warranted. It’s also a good idea to tip if you’re especially happy with the service provided.

    Tipping for Massage Services in Croatia

    If you’ve come to Croatia on vacation and get a massage, leaving a tip is a nice gesture.

    If you live in Croatia and get massages more frequently, you don’t need to tip your massage therapist every time.

    For example, I usually tip my girl Lucky at Siam Massage in Zagreb every time I purchase a package of massages (instead of every single time). She appreciates it, and deserves it! I’ve been going to her for years and swear she is the best masseuse ever.

    You can find the exact location of her salon in my Google maps pins!

    Tipping Tattoo Artists in Croatia

    Tipping for a tattoo in Croatia depends on the quality of the tattoo and the level of satisfaction with the artist.

    It is not mandatory to tip if you got a small tattoo.

    But if your tattoo was particularly intricate or large, then consider leaving 10-20% of the total cost of the tattoo to show your appreciation.

    FAQs About Tipping in Croatia

    Is it rude not to tip in Croatia?

    It depends on the situation. If you order a coffee at a cafe in Croatia, it won’t be considered rude if you don’t leave a tip. However, if you are at a sit-down restaurant, it is common to leave a 5-10% tip.

    Is tipping on a credit card possible in Croatia?

    Yes, as of 2024 it is possible in some restaurants and cafes to leave a tip on a credit card. However, because this is still relatively new, not all establishments have implemented it. For this reason, it’s always good to have some cash on you.

    Do you tip in cafes in Croatia?

    You can tip in cafes in Croatia, but you don’t have to. If and when locals do leave a tip in a Croatian cafe, they typically round the bill up to the nearest whole number.

    Should you carry cash in Croatia?

    Yes, you should carry at least some cash in Croatia as it is still very common to leave tips in cash.

    Is tipping expected in Dubrovnik?

    There are no set rules for tipping anywhere in Croatia, including Dubrovnik. If you are eating at a restaurant in Dubrovnik, it is nice to either round up your restaurant bill or leave a 10% tip if you had great service.

    Final Thoughts on Croatia Tipping Culture

    Now you know all about Croatian tipping culture!

    The main thing to remember is not to go over the top when tipping in Croatia. Sure, it can be tempting to be extra generous with your gratuities, especially when you receive exceptional service.

    However, tipping in Croatia is not as common as it is in other countries and is not really expected. So respect the culture and customs of this beautiful country by tipping moderately.

    Before you go, make sure you know what to expect when it comes to prices in Croatia.

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