The Best Beaches Zadar Has to Offer

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Searching for the most incredible Zadar Croatia beaches? You’re in the right place!

From velvety, white-sand strands to stoney shores, the beaches in Zadar Croatia are clean, pristine, and ready to welcome you.

On a trip to Zadar, you will likely expect historic sites, marbled streets, and buzzing local nightlife. But you may not expect just how many incredible beaches Zadar has to offer. Zadar beaches are known for being incredibly clean, having bright clear turquoise waters, and having excellent summertime amenities. While most visitors flock to the pebbly shores along the southern Dalmatian coast, why not head north to Zadar to beat the crowds, pay lower prices, and experience the best beaches in Croatia?

While there are plenty of nice beaches near Zadar, we’ve rounded up the top ten best beaches in the Zadar area so that you know exactly where to go! From sandy beaches in Zadar Croatia to beaches perfect for cliff-jumping, each of these beaches are easily accessible by car and some even by foot from the old town.

Now let’s dive into the best beaches Zadar has to offer!

Beautiful sandy beach in Zadar Croatia

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The Best Beaches Zadar Has to Offer

Borik Beach Zadar

Close proximity to the city center, calm waters perfect for wading, and clear turquoise waters make Borik Beach in Zadar, one of the best beaches around Zadar. With 1.5 kilometers of silty pebbled shores, Beach Borik Zadar offers plenty of pristine bathing areas. This beach is excellent for families. With its gently sloping shores, the kids can play in these calm shallow waters all afternoon while the parents sunbathe or rest under one of the many shady pine trees that also line this beach. 

Borik beach also offers amenities such as rentable beach chairs, umbrellas, changing rooms, an outdoor shower, and a nearby cafe/snack stand. 

Kids and thrill-seekers will also find jet skis and small sailboats to rent as well as a banana boat ride, parasailing, paddle boats, and volleyball courts.

Borik Beach - Zadar Beaches Croatia

Petrcane Beach (Punta Radman) 

The 900-year-old fishing village of Petrcane offers some of the best beaches near Zadar Croatia. Aside from multiple pristine beach fronts, Petrcane also has dozens of shops and restaurants that cater to those visiting for a beachy day trip from Zadar. 

The most popular Petcrane beach is Punta Radman which is split for public and private use as it does partially belong to The Pinija Hotel. However, the designated public area of this beach is a perfect place to spend your day. 

This Zadar beach is mostly pebbles and concrete but offers dozens of amenities for beach-goers. Visitors can expect to find boat rental opportunities, jet skis and other rentable water toys, a small water park, rentable beach loungers, and a beach bar. Since the beaches of Petcrane are located along a peninsula, you can have the option of calmer waters in the bay perfect for swimming in, or the choppier seafront, which can offer small waves for windsurfing adventures when the weather and winds are right.

Petrcane Beach in Zadar Croatia

Sakarun Beach

Also known as the best beach in Croatia, Sakarun beach is something you will have to see to believe. With pearly white sand and bright turquoise waters, you might forget you are actually in Croatia and not the Caribbean. This remote and tranquil paradise is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches near Zadar and is located just 1.5 hours from the city on the island of Dugi Otok. You can reach this island by ferry from Zadar. 

Not only is Sakarun the best beach in Zadar, but it is also the best sandy beach in Zadar.

Although this beach is regarded as one of the most beautiful in Croatia, it is still considered somewhat of a hidden gem since its more remote location deters some visitors. 

Due to its location and desire to preserve its natural beauty, there are few amenities near the beach. There are two small beach bars serving light foods and refreshments, but the closest shops and amenities are in the small village of Bozava, or Brbinj, where the ferry docks. There are minimal accommodation options on the island, so it is best to plan ahead and visit Sakarun as a day trip from Zadar.

Sakarun Beach - best beaches Zadar Croatia

Zaton Beach

This 1.5-kilometer-long beach is located on the grounds of Zaton Holiday Resort and offers endless possible activities for its visitors. Regarded as one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Zadar, Zaton Beach offers amenities for all ages and includes several pools and water park slides, beach volleyball, three mini-golf grounds, archery, green pitches for football and soccer, an asphalt basketball court, tennis courts, and bike rentals. 

The beach itself is a mix of mostly sand and pebble but offers calm waters great for kids and adults to wade in. Along the coast, you will also find beach bars and snack stands selling food and refreshments. This beach is blue flag certified, meaning it has been awarded for its pure water and cleanliness and offers disabled access.

Zaton Beach in Zadar Croatia - best beaches in Zadar

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Bilotinjak Beach

If you’re after the best sandy beaches Zadar has to offer, then Bilotinjak Beach should be on your list. This golden sandy beach near Zadar is known as one of the best beaches in the area for its natural beauty and serenity. Located just over 14 kilometers outside of Zadar, this quaint cove is a great place to spend the afternoon swimming, snorkeling, and bathing in the sand. There are no amenities at the beach, so plan ahead and pack your towels or beach chairs, snacks and beverages, and beach toys. 

There are no admission fees to visit this beach, and it is entirely open to the public. This beach can get crowded in the high summer season, so it is best to plan to arrive early to stake out your spot if you are spending the day there. Despite the beach seeming to be at the base of a giant sea cliff, the beach is easily accessible and is close to the road, so you will not have to trek too far from your car. There are no shaded areas or trees at this beach, so plan to bring a beach umbrella you can relax under when the sun gets too hot.

Croatia Zadar Beaches | Sandy beach with two beach chairs under an umbrella overlooking the Adriatic Sea during sunset

Punta Bajlo

Cliff jumpers, this one is for you!

An exciting activity many visitors look forward to is cliff jumping in Croatia. Zadar beaches offer many opportunities for cliff jumping, and Punta Bajlo is not to be missed!

One of the top beaches Zadar has to offer for cliff jumping, Punta Bajlo is a unique area composed of pebbled rocky shores and large bouldery cliffs perfect for launching yourself into the sparkling Adriatic Sea. This beach is more of a seafront but offers great spaces for relaxing on the warm concrete and rocks while the sea laps against the rocks beneath you. 

Punta Bajlo also has a heavily shaded Pine forest that meets the sea if you prefer to escape to the shade. This shady Pine forest is one of the driving reasons why visitors and locals continuously return to Punta Bajlo to hide from the sun during the Croatian summertime.

There are not many amenities at the beach given the nature of its rocky landscape, but there is a beach-side restaurant that serves up quality barbecue dishes and pizzas.


Duboka Draga Beach, Vrsi

This next beach, located just 1.3 kilometers outside of the town of Vrsi, is a favorite amongst those looking for a small tranquil beach with fewer crowds. If you’re looking for hidden beaches in Zadar, this is it. Vrsi is one of the best beaches near Zadar, yet still remains somewhat of a hidden gem.

This rocky beach is located in a small gorge that meets a picturesque turquoise bay. With a mountain on either side of this small bay, Duboka Draga is decently protected from the wind and elements, making for calm waters to swim in. 

The rocks at this beach can be a bit sharp, so it is a good idea to wear some aqua shoes to protect your feet if you are going for a swim (although water shoes are a good idea no matter which beach you go to, for protection against the hot sand and rocks in the summertime!). 

There are no amenities at this beach, so you will need to plan ahead with food and beach supplies. Be sure not to forget the sunscreen when visiting here, as there are no trees or designated umbrellas for shade.

Duboka Draga beach near Zadar

Queen’s Beach, Nin

If you’re on the hunt for the best sandy beaches in Zadar, then look no further than Queen’s Beach in Nin!

Known to be the longest sandy beach in Croatia, Queen’s Beach (also known as Kraljicina Plaza), is a picture-perfect beach and is well-known as one of the best beaches in Zadar Croatia. This beach is located three kilometers outside of the town of Nin and offers plenty of amenities for the whole family. This beach was thought to be so beautiful and pristine by the first King of Croatia; he named it after his wife in honor of its beauty. 

Along the sand, you will find a wooden boardwalk to make walking across this three-kilometer-long beach a bit easier. There are also three different beach bars/restaurants along this beach, offering all-day drinks and food. This is also one of the best beaches in Zadar for families with children as the waters are extremely calm and shallow.

Behind the beach, there is a large, public, naturally occurring mud bath, which is said to have medicinal properties. Visitors and locals flock here to cover themselves in the mud, take a quick funny picture, and then wash off in the clean seawater. 

Parking is available in the designated parking lot at this beach for 30 HRK (4.00 Euro) for the day.

Queen's Beach one of the most beautiful sandy beaches near Zadar Croatia

Sabunike Beach

If you continue down the beach from Queen’s Beach, you will eventually run into Sabunike Beach. Sabunike is not as sheltered as its sister beach and offers the opportunity for visitors to partake in watersports such as surfing and kitesurfing. 

Sabunike is a gravely, coarse-sand beach, so it might be a good idea to bring a beach chair with you.  This beach offers an incredible, unique view towards the Velebit Mountains and over the sea, making for some fantastic photo opportunities, so make sure to bring your camera. 

There are designated permanent umbrellas along this beach, which come in handy as there is little to no other shade at this beach. And due to the strong winds here, your umbrella might not be so secure in the sand, so it’s a good idea to stake out a spot under one of their permanent ones!

Waves crashing onto the shore of Zadar Beach Croatia
Zadar Beach Croatia

Kolovare Beach 

If you’re staying in the city and do not want to rent a car, then you’ll likely be looking for beaches close to Zadar City.

Located just 1.5 kilometers from the old town, Kolovare Beach is the best beach near Zadar. This beach is within walking distance from the main tourist center and makes for an easy day out if you are staying in town. 

Kolovare, one of the best beaches Zadar City has to offer, is partially pebbled, met by blue-green waters. At this beach, you can find dozens of amenities including catamaran and jet-ski rentals, beach chairs, umbrellas, kayak rentals, changing facilities, restrooms, restaurants, and more. 

A large part of this beach is privately owned by the surrounding resorts, but a few areas are open to the public. This beach also offers parking for those that still want to travel by car. Otherwise, the beach is very easy to access and is not far from the main roads. 

Best beaches around Zadar

Final Verdict: The Best Beaches Zadar Has to Offer

That wraps up the ten best beaches in Zadar County! If you are heading to this area of Dalmatia, you won’t be disappointed with any of the beaches on this list. Whether you’re hunting for sandy beaches in Zadar, Zadar top beaches, or simply the best beaches in Zadar region, I guarantee you’ll find your summer paradise on this list.

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