18 Incredible Things to Do in Trogir, Croatia

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Trogir, Croatia is a Mediterranean fantasy.

This tiny town’s medieval core is adorned with castles, towers, enchanting cobblestone streets, and a sparkling waterfront promenade. Combine this with the endless amount of things to do in Trogir Croatia, and you have yourself a dreamy destination on any Dalmatian itinerary.

With options like Dubrovnik, Hvar, and Plitvice Lakes, you might be asking yourself, is Trogir Croatia worth a visit? The answer is a resounding YES!

Read on to find out why this UNESCO World Heritage Site should be on your Croatia bucket list.

18 Incredible Things to Do in Trogir, Croatia

#1 Wander the Old Town Streets

Wandering through Trogir’s striking marble streets is like a scene straight out of a medieval fairytale.

Each twisting laneway leads to a new discovery. You’ll come upon charming courtyards, witness locals meeting in the alley for a chat, and uncover hidden ateliers all while a breeze carries the delicious scent of homemade Dalmatian cooking through the air.

Roaming around the old town streets is by far one of the best ways to experience the magic of Trogir, Croatia.

#2 Stroll Down the Riva

Arguably one of the most beautiful waterfronts (or rivas) in all of Croatia, you simply cannot miss a walk down the Trogir promenade.

The riva is the most popular area in Trogir, stretching the entire length of the island.

Flanked with palm trees and cafes, the riva is buzzing at all times of the day. You’ll spot people strolling, stopping to chat, sipping coffee, and enjoying lunch with a view of the sea.

There is no best time to visit the riva – it is just as beautiful during the day as it is at sunset!

#3 Take in the Incredible Views of Trogir from Kamerlengo Castle

At the end of the Riva is the captivating Kamerlengo Castle, constructed by the Venetians in the 15th century. It was originally built, and connected, to Trogir’s protective walls.

Today, the fortress is mostly empty but is used for various musical events throughout the year. However, the observatory level offers striking views over the Riva and is well worth the climb, especially for sunset.

#4 People Watch on the Piazza

The heart of Trogir’s social life is the radiant Piazza. This central square is like a picture straight out of Italy, complete with old Venetian townhouses and a portico.

The Piazza is a nice and relaxing haven away from the tourist-laden riva. The Renaissance architecture, the Romanesque Church of St. Lawrence, and ancient palaces that surround the square make the Piazza one of the most beautiful places in Trogir.

To truly immerse yourself in the culture and history of the town, I highly recommend grabbing a seat at Corte Bar to watch the world go by. If you’re lucky, you might even catch the traditional acapella group (klapa) singing in the loggia.

A true local treat!

#5 Climb Up the Cathedral Bell Tower

Trogir’s Cathedral of St. Lawrence is arguably one of the finest architectural works in the entire country.

Taking four centuries to build, the west entrance of the church is its own extraordinary feat. Noted as the most important medieval portal in this part of Europe, Radovanov Portal is the intricate archway that frames the entrance to the church.

It was created in the 15th century by Trogir sculptor and artist, Master Radovan who began creating this stunning piece of art as the cathedral was being built. According to his inscription at the top, he completed it in 1240.

After you’ve finished admiring the elaborate portal, head to the top of the bell tower for unbelievable views of the town.

Since the bell tower was constructed in stages across several centuries, you will notice three different architectural styles in its design.

Be aware that the stairs are very steep, but the all-around views at the top are spectacular.

#6 Marvel at Cipiko Palace

Trogir was once home to a number of noble families that built their palaces within the medieval town walls. Oftentimes, they were connected to Venetian rulers.

Just across from the cathedral lies Cipiko Palace, a 15th-century mansion composed of several buildings connected into one. During the Early Renaissance, Cipiko Palace was the residence of the very prominent Cipiko family. The wealth and strategic marriages fabricated by the father and son of the family enabled them to acquire two palaces, thus completely occupying the western side of the piazza.

Though the Cipiko Palace is not open to the public, the beautiful gothic facade visible from the square is truly a show-stopping piece of art.

Trogir, Croatia architecture

#7 Peek into the Benedictine Monastery

The thousand-year-old monastery of St. Nicholas is home to a remarkable collection of treasures, including the famous relief of Kairos preserved from the 4th century.

Dive into Trogir’s history upon entering the complex of a church, courtyard, and museum that dates back to the earliest settlement of the Greeks. The museum contains the famed carved Kairos relief, discovered in Trogir itself. Kairos has since become a symbol of the town and is known as the god of luck, opportunity, and favorable moments.

#8 Eat at the Town’s Best Restaurants

One of the best things to do in Trogir is to sample the local cuisine at the town’s best restaurants. A few worth mentioning are:

  • Franka | Franka is a lovely family-run restaurant tucked away in the charming stone alleyways of Trogir. This restaurant boasts traditional cuisine with a twist along with modern Mediterranean dishes.
  • Vanjaka | Tucked away from the buzzing old town streets, Vanjaka is an intimate courtyard restaurant serving up incredible Croatian seafood and wine.
  • Kristian Pizza | This friendly pizza place is ideal for family and friends looking to share great food. Kristian Pizza offers fresh pizza and homemade pasta at reasonable prices.

#9 Peruse the Local Market

Peruse the stalls of the open-air market for a truly local experience. Sellers from the region come to sell seasonal produce, honey, lavender, locally pressed olive oil, and homemade wine.

The best time to come is in the morning when the vendors begin setting up their mounds of fruits and vegetables. This will also be the time when the goods are freshest.

Local tip: During August, many vendors sell the best figs you will ever taste! They are definitely worth the splurge.

Prices are similar between stalls, but it is worth comparing and bartering with the locals.

Keep in mind that most stalls are cash-only.

#10 Take a Dip on Čiovo…

The neighboring island of Čiovo is well-known for its abundance of lavender, immortelle flowers, rosemary, and olive trees. If the Mediterranean had a perfume, it would surely smell of Čiovo.

While this particular island has become quite popular with tourists, in recent years, the south side of the island still provides a peaceful escape.

There are two beaches worth visiting on Čiovo’s southern side.

The first is the beach, Duboka Uvala (or Deep Cove). This pebble cove has the most crystal clear water you’ll ever dip your toes in and is perfect for a relaxing beach vacation.

The second beach worth a visit is Duga Uvala (or Short Cove). It is just a short walk away from Duboka Uvala and is equally beautiful, but the rugged rocky coast gives it a natural and untouched vibe.

#11 …Then Chill at Laganini Beach Bar

Situated on the shores of Duboka Uvala is Laganini Beach Bar – the coolest place to chill on the island.

Laganini Beach Bar is a great place to refresh after swimming in the hot sun. Stop in for cocktails, snacks, and a relaxing atmosphere.

For the utmost pleasure, consider renting a double lounger and soaking in the sea views as you eat and drink to your heart’s content.

#12 Visit Šolta

Šolta is a gorgeous, untouched island located just a short boat ride away from Trogir.

The best way to explore this island is to charter a boat for the day. This will guarantee access to all of the lovely bays and hidden coves on the island. Think crystal clear blue water and not a single tourist in sight – pure bliss!

#13 Swim in the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a famous bay located between three islands (Drvenik Veli, Krknjaš Mali and Krknjaš Veli).

Set sail on an organized boat tour, or rent your own speedboat and make the short 40-minute trip to the lagoon.

Upon sailing into the Blue Lagoon, you’ll immediately be enchanted by the dazzling shades of blue and water so clear you can perfectly see all the way down to the seabed.

#14 Laze in Luxury

Laze in luxury at Brown Beach House Croatia.

A former tobacco factory, Brown Beach House is now an oasis for lovers of heavenly architecture and design. While the boutique hotel is on the higher end when it comes to accommodation, it is a wonderful place for enjoying a late afternoon cocktail by the pool.

#15 Hike up to Gospa od Prizidnice

Also located on the island of Čiovo, and well worth a visit, is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Prizidnica. Near the village of Slatine, this small sanctuary sits high above the sea on the cliffs of Čiovo. There is a pathway carved out that leads to a tiny church and old convent built in 1546.

However, the real showstopper is the view overlooking the islands of Šolta and Brač!

#16 Enjoy the Sunset from Kozjak Mountain

If you have a rental car and love sunsets, I highly recommend making the short drive up to Malačka on Kozjak Mountain.

Just a 25-minute drive away from Trogir, Malačka provides a spectacular view of the sunset over the towns of Kaštela. The peaceful setting was actually built to commemorate the soldiers who died in the Homeland War and is often visited today by hikers scaling Kozjak Mountain.

#17 Have Ice Cream at Gelato Bar Bella

Gelato Bar Bella is hands-down the best ice cream in town – maybe even all of Croatia.

Almost every city in the world has ice cream for tourists, and the truth is, most of them are not homemade. Gelato Bar Bella, on the other hand, serves the real stuff: ridiculously delicious homemade gelato.

They have an amazing selection of flavors including dark chocolate and fig with ricotta. Bella also has gluten-free options, which is quite uncommon in Croatia.

#18 End the Day at Smokvica

Caffe Bar Smokvica is a hidden gem, hidden away near the cathedral behind a maze of white-washed stone walls.

This cozy bar boasts a laidback atmosphere, friendly staff, live music, and great cocktails.

Smokvica is not just another bar, it’s a place with soul.

End your day (or days) at this lovely bar and you’ll soon realize that the joyful ambiance is contagious.

Have you ever been to Trogir, Croatia? Help a fellow traveler out and share what your favorite things to do in Trogir are in the comments below!

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