Pasjaca Beach Near Dubrovnik: How to Find Croatia’s Most Beautiful Beach

Last updated on February 15th, 2023 at 09:01 pm

Want to see one of the most unique beaches in all of Croatia? Escape to the mesmerizing shores of Pasjača Beach just south of Dubrovnik!

Pasjača Beach is a small and secluded golden strand nestled beneath a stunning backdrop of imposing cliffs. Its 80m stretch of sandy shore and shimmering turquoise waters exhibit unparalleled beauty, unlike any other place in Croatia. It’s really no surprise that Pasjaca Beach was voted the most beautiful beach in Croatia in 2019. Despite its fame, this beach still remains much of a hidden gem to tourists that visit Croatia.

I visited Pasjaca Beach for the first time in 2020 after living in Croatia for 6 years! It was even more breathtaking than I imagined and highly recommend adding it to your Croatia itinerary. It will, however, take a bit of planning to get there, which is why I put together this post to give you all the details you should know about visiting Pasjaca Beach.

From what to bring to how to get to Pasjaca Beach from Dubrovnik or Cavtat, this guide has all the information you need to plan the perfect visit.

Pasjaca Beach - one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia, located near Dubrovnik.

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Pasjaca Beach: The Most Beautiful Beach in Croatia

Pasjaca Beach is known for its impressive setting beneath a 200-foot cliff. The beach is around 80 meters (262 feet) long and is surrounded by cliff faces on three sides. This petite beach boasts a mix of sandy and gravely shores due to the fact that it is openly exposed to the Adriatic (meaning there are not islands directly in front of it), which often causes it to experience larger waves.

Thanks to its remote location far away from boat traffic, the water at Pasjaca Beach remains immaculate and pure. It is also quite shallow, making it a true paradise for swimming and relaxation.

Where is Pasjaca Beach?

Pasjaca Beach is located in the very southwestern corner of Croatia, just 29 kilometers (18 miles) south of Dubrovnik and only 12 kilometers (7.4 miles) away from Cavtat. The closest village to the beach is Popovići.

Screenshot of southern Dalmatia depicting the locations of Dubrovnik, Cavtat and Pasjaca Beach.

How to Get to Pasjaca

While this beach is highly regarded and loved, it is generally not as busy as some of Croatia’s more accessible beaches. Given its unusual location, there is a trail you need to hike down that is carved into the cliffs in order to reach the beach. You’ll also see some striking views along this walk, so don’t forget your camera! 

How to Get to Pasjaca Beach from Dubrovnik

Pasjaca Beach is located 29 kilometers from Dubrovnik. It is not an exceptionally long journey, but no public transportation will take you directly to this beach. The nearest bus stop is also several kilometers away and not worth the walk in the hot Mediterranean sun.

This leaves only two options for getting to Pasjaca Beach and those are: car or taxi.

Another option to consider is hiring a private boat and skipper to take you there. This is a great way to avoid the trek down and swim up to the stunning beach instead!


How to Get to Pasjaca Beach From Cavtat

In similar fashion to Dubrovnik, there are also no public transportation links to Pasjaca Beach from Cavtat, although the driving distance is shorter since Cavtat is just 12 kilometers away. Due to the shorter drive, taxis will be more affordable from Cavtat to Pasjaca Beach.

Best Time to Visit Pasjaca Beach

The most ideal time to visit Pasjaca Beach is in the morning or in the afternoon. It can get extremely hot during the day, especially during peak season in July and August, and Pasjaca Beach does not offer much shade (more on this later). Also, it is worth noting that the beach tends to get busy around 11:00 AM. Because of its size, it doesn’t take many people to fill up, which is another reason to head to the beach earlier in the morning.

Things to Know Before Visiting Pasjaca Beach

The Road to the Beach is Very Narrow

There is a paved road leading up to the village of Popovići. Once you turn down the road leading to the beach, it will transform into an unpaved lane with large potholes and bumps. It is also very narrow, which means if a car is coming toward you from the opposite direction, one of you will have to back up.

The best way to navigate the path to the beach is to drive slowly and be aware of your surroundings – especially if you are driving a rental car!

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Pasjaca Beach Parking

When you arrive at the beginning of the cliffside path leading down to Pasjaca Beach, you will be greeted with an informal parking lot. Be aware that the parking lot, similar to the road, is unpaved and quite rocky, but there is plenty of room to park free of charge.

Prepare for the walk down to the beach and back up

Since Pasjaca Beach is at the bottom of a cliff, the only way to get down to the beach is to hike down. Luckily, the first half of the trail is partially paved since this beach is a popular destination, however, the second half of the trail is dirt and rocks.

There are a series of steps to walk down (and eventually back up) so remember this when you pack your bag of belongings and supplies for the day. It’s a good idea to throw everything in a backpack so it won’t be as heavy to carry. Remember this when you are packing your beach chairs and any other bulky items for the day! Try to avoid bringing anything excessively bulky that will make your journey back up the hill a struggle.

There are parts of the path where those with vertigo might not want to look directly down, but there are barriers and metal railings for your safety.

View of the sea and rocky cliffs from Pasjaca Beach near Dubrovnik Croatia.

The path is a bit steep but isn’t anything too treacherous, so you could get away with wearing your flip-flops down to the beach. You will, however, be more comfortable in close-toed walking shoes, especially on the parts of the path that are rockier and slippery at times. 

Bring a Well-Packed Beach Bag

There is no infrastructure or amenities at this beach, meaning no restaurants, bars, or even toilets at (or around) Pasjaca Beach. For this reason, you’ll want to pack all the snacks, meals, water, other beverages, and supplies that you may need for the day. 

It might be a good idea to bring a beach chair or beach mat (along with your towel of course) with you to have a comfortable place to sit. Due to the nature of the beach, there is a limited amount of shade on Pasjaca. Make sure to bring a beach umbrella or at least a sun hat and plenty of sunblock with you.

There’s no doubt that swimming and sunbathing will make you thirst and you may be tempted to drink all of the liquids you brought with you. However, you’ll want to save some water for the hike back up to the parking lot at the end of the day (trust me on this one). This uphill hike can be pretty demanding in the summer heat, and you will have been baking in the sun all day, so you will be thankful to have something to quench your thirst on the way up.

There is no cell reception at Pasjaca Beach

There is zero reception since you’re quite literally surrounded by rock cliffs. If you are traveling to the beach by taxi or car transfer, it is a good idea to make any pick-up arrangements before hiking down to the beach since you won’t have much luck calling or getting on the internet from this area. 

While the lack of cell reception might be a turn off, it really is one of the beautiful things about Pasjaca Beach. With no access to the internet, you can spend the day completely disconnected, enjoying the present moment and the breathtaking landscape all around you.

People sunbathing on a beautiful beach near Dubrovnik Croatia.

Final Thoughts on Visiting Pasjaca Beach

Pasjaca Beach is strikingly beautiful. The water is crystal clear and several shades of blue, so if you have a waterproof phone case or a GoPro, it’s an excellent opportunity to do some snorkeling and take some fantastic photos beneath the sea! 

In the heat of July, this beach can get pretty crowded, but in the shoulder months of June and August, you’re likely to experience fewer visitors. Besides that, the beach is open to the public year-round so you can visit Pasjaca Beach any time you like!

Of course, it’s better when the water is warm and swimmable, but you can still enjoy the natural beauty of this secluded beach any time of year.

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