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35 Best Zagreb Restaurants for Foodies in 2024

Looking for the best Zagreb restaurants?

You’re in the right place because I have lived in Zagreb since 2014 and, as a foodie myself, I’ve made it my mission to chow down and sip through the best restaurants Zagreb has to offer.

During my 10 years living in the heart of Croatia, I’ve tasted my way from cozy traditional taverns to sleek, upscale eateries and everything in between.

This article will break down all you need to know about the best restaurants in Zagreb, including traditional eateries, pizza places, fine dining experiences, and international cuisine. And because I love sharing those lesser-known spots, I’ve included a handful of my personal favorite hidden gem restaurants in Zagreb too!

Ready to uncover the 35 best places to eat in Zagreb, Croatia? Let me be your local guide! Keep scrolling to see all the yummiest and best food Zagreb has to offer.

Best Zagreb Restaurants

Best Zagreb Traditional Restaurants

If you’re spending a few days in Zagreb and are looking for traditional Croatian cuisine, these restaurants are the creme de la creme of Zagreb. From comforting pasta dishes to succulent grilled meats, you’ll find all the classic dishes in these establishments.

1. Gostionica Ficlek

A traditional Croatian meal spread with Zagrebacki odrezak and potatoes with onions, krumpir in Croatain), fried liver over mashed potatoes, a basket of sliced bread, and a bowl of fresh salad, arranged on a lace tablecloth.

Ask anyone in the city to help you find “najbolji restorani u Zagrebu” (or “best restaurants in Zagreb” in Croatian) and Ficlek will be one of the first names they mention.

Located just under Zagreb’s oldest farmer’s market, Dolac, Gostionica Ficlek serves up traditional Croatian cuisine “the way Croatian grandmas once did” – which is their motto, and it’s perfectly fitting!

This is one of my favorite places to go when I’m craving something homemade and delicious. Some of their menu highlights include turkey with mlinci (a local type of pasta) and Zagrebački odrezak. If you want to try authentic dishes from the city and the region, this is the place!

From the moment you step inside, you are instantly transported to another era. The ambiance is adorned with delicate doily placemats and vintage dishware, all set against the backdrop of an ultra-chic bar. It’s like a perfect blend of the past and present, capturing the true essence of Zagreb.

Just note that there are only high tables and bar stools inside. When the weather permits, there are lower tables and chairs on the outdoor patio.


2. SOL tapas na hrvatski

An assortment of tapas dishes from SOL Tapas in Zagreb, featuring dumplings in a yellow puree, tomatoes and cream, a rich meat dish with grated cheese, and crispy shrimp croquettes, arranged on a table.

This place is a Croatian-style tapas restaurant run by the talented chef Mate Janković. He takes inspiration from Spain’s famous tapas scene and adds his own twist with flavors straight from Croatia. A few things worth nibbling on include the sheep’s milk ricotta dumplings, pasticada in gnocchi, and the shrimp and sundried tomato croquettes.

SOL also has a daily menu where you can try a set combination of tapas – I recommend doing this so that you can sample a few things you might not typically order. The location couldn’t be any more perfect either – it’s situated right inside of Johann Franck right on Zagreb’s main square.

Make a reservation here as SOL gets very busy!


3. Pod Zidom Bistro

Situated right between the lively Dolac Market and cozy Gostionica Ficlek, Pod Zidom is a sophisticated bistro that’s all about giving traditional Croatian dishes a modern makeover. The menu changes with the seasons, and all of their ingredients are sourced from the market next door.

If you’re lucky enough to spot the beef cheeks and chamomile ice cream on the menu, consider your day made! They also have a fabulous wine list here, so be sure to pair your meal with some local vino.


4. Konoba Didov San

If you find yourself meandering through the quaint streets of Zagreb’s Upper Town, there’s a traditional tavern you have to visit! This spot is an old favorite of mine. It’s a place where the ambiance of old Croatia envelops you as soon as you step inside.

Didov San specializes in dishes from the Dalmatian Zagora region, so you’ll find unique menu items like frog legs, Dalmatian prosciutto and local cheeses, and uštipke paired with a creamy cheese spread. Be sure to leave room for their bold black risotto and the indulgent roasted pork loin, oozing with cheese and wrapped in crispy bacon.


5. Vinodol

Vinodol is a true staple in Zagreb’s dining scene. When I worked at the Palace Hotel, we used to send guests there all the time. It’s one of the city’s oldest culinary establishments and has earned its stripes through delicious food and top-notch service.

Vinodol serves up a range of traditional Croatian dishes, showcasing the best of Zagreb and its neighboring regions. Here, you can try dishes like classic roast lamb (janjetina) or more traditional desserts like the Međimurska gibanica.


6. La Štruk

A close-up of a creamy baked dish from La Struk in Zagreb, with a golden brown crust, served in a ceramic baking dish on a wooden table.

Specializing in one of Croatia’s most iconic dishes, štrukli, this cozy spot is perfect for enjoying traditional cuisine. Štrukli are a lasagne-like dish without tomato sauce. They’re made with layers of freshly made dough and cheese, topped with cooking cream and baked until bubbling.

Traditionally they are filled with just cheese and can be eaten sweet or savory, but La Štruk takes things a step further by adding different mix-ins and toppings. I love the blueberry as well as the walnut and honey strukli!

Just don’t come here starving because they make each dish from scratch – plus it will be served to you boiling hot, so you’ll have to wait a bit longer for it to cool before you can actually start eating. If the weather’s nice, sit outside in their courtyard garden!


7. Batak Grill

A traditional Croatian dish, Ćevapi, served in a red ceramic dish, accompanied by a side of flatbread, on a table with a classic red and white checkered tablecloth.

Batak Grill is not just your average barbecue joint; it takes things up a notch. With multiple locations throughout Zagreb, this classic restaurant never fails to deliver exceptional quality and top-notch service. If you’re craving an authentic taste of Croatian barbecue, Batak won’t disappoint.

Menu items include cevapcici, burgers, and a variety of grilled meats. All of the dishes are great no matter what you order, but I’d personally recommend their platter for 2 people (which could actually feed 3) and definitely order their “mazalice” for an appetizer!

Don’t forget to ask for kajmak on the side 😉 


8. Boban

Boban is your go-to spot for a delightful mix of Italian and Mediterranean flavors right in the heart of Zagreb. It’s not just me saying this; even the Michelin Guide has given it glowing reviews! Their menu is a pasta lover’s dream, featuring a wide selection of dishes made from homemade dough (including gluten-free options).

A few of my favorites include their incredible focaccia bread, eggplant parmesan starter, and if you love meat, the Beef Rustica is a must-try. Pair each dish with a glass (or maybe even a bottle) from their carefully selected wine list.


9. Maredo Grill

This restaurant has been around for sometime, but in 2023 it underwent a complete transformation and has been revamped into one of Zagreb’s classiest and soughtafter establishments.

The interior looks like something you’d find in New York or London, and the menu offers a unique fusion of high quality steaks and sushi. On Fridays and Saturdays, the restaurant turns into a club with live DJs, perfect for a night out with friends.


Best Pizza Restaurants in Zagreb

A freshly baked pizza at the Zagreb Pizza Festival

10. Duksa

Superbly thin-crust Croatian pizza with creative toppings and unusual pizza names. They have a few locations around the city and all of them have a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for a casual dinner.


11. Basta

For authentic Neapolitan pizza with an urban twist, Basta is the spot for you. Nestled in the heart of Zagreb, it boasts a chic outdoor patio decorated with string lights that feels like a slice of NYC tucked away in Zagreb.

The pizzas here are all about great crust and high-quality toppings that elevate every bite. And if you’re up for a change, their sandwiches made with homemade pizza dough bread are equally delicious.


12. Franko’s Pizza & Bar

Franko’s Pizza Bar has earned its reputation as the best pizza in Croatia, serving up both Neapolitan and Romana pies. All of their pizzas are topped with gourmet ingredients like mozzarella fior di latte and San Marzano tomato sauce imported straight from Italy.

No matter which type of pizza you choose, you won’t regret it! Due to its popularity, it’s a good idea to book a table in advance.


Best International Restaurants in Zagreb

13. Carpaccio

A plate of creamy pasta topped with shredded parmesan cheese, served on a simple white plate on a table with a white cloth.

Ristorante Carpaccio is the go-to spot in Zagreb for a taste of Italy that’s as authentic as it gets. Stepping inside Carpaccio is like walking into a cozy Italian tavern. You’ll be greeted by unique art pieces and creatively displayed wine bottles that add to the warm, inviting atmosphere.

They have a seasonal menu that showcases the best ingredients, so you can always expect fresh, high-quality Italian dishes. Think classic Spaghetti San Marzano or homemade ravioli stuffed with the freshest ricotta cheese and spinach (my favorite!).

Oh, and they have a pretty epic wine list too.


14. Izakaya

An assortment of sushi and gyoza served on black ceramic plates, accompanied by soy sauce, pickled ginger, wasabi, and lemon slices, presented on a dark restaurant table.

Looking for the ideal spot for a date night or an evening out with friends? This is it. Izakaya is a total knockout, and I’ve got to say, it might just be the best Japanese restaurant I’ve ever been to.

Their sushi is incredible, plus they also have a few other appetizers like panko shrimp and bao buns that are worth trying too. The cocktails here are world-class that both look and taste absolutely amazing. Every visit here feels special.

Trust me, you’ll love this spot just as much as I do!


15. Saralee’s

A takeout box from Saralee's in Zagreb, filled with stir fried holy basil chicken (pad krapow) over rice, topped with a crispy fried egg.

This is hands-down the BEST Thai food in Zagreb. Saralee’s was the first Thai restaurant to open in Zagreb, and the original spot was an itty bitty corner restaurant – but let me tell you, the food that they whip up in there is impressive.

The owner, straight from Thailand, brought with her the most authentic recipes. So, if you’re craving real Thai flavors, Saralee’s is your place. Plus, they’ve expanded to Branimirova with a larger location, offering comfy restaurant-style seating.


16. Soi fusion bar

A modern Asian fusion meal with various dishes including a noodle bowl with bright yellow curry with crispy fried wontons, a side of greens, and a crab salad, shared over a table with a diner in the background.

When I’m craving something comforting and delicious, I run to Soi for their Khao Soi Ramen. It’s creamy, tangy, crispy, and utterly delicious. Other tasty items on the menu include the tuna poke bowl, crab salad, and chicken gyoza.

Soi Fusion Bar is situated right next to the Swanky Mint Hostel (an awesome place to stay in Zagreb), and has an effortlessly cool and inviting vibe. It’s pretty small inside, so consider making a reservation or dropping in off-peak to ensure you snag a seat.


17. Royal India

A cozy Indian restaurant setting with a dish of butter chicken, a bowl of steamed rice, and layered naan bread in the foreground, ready to be enjoyed.

There are a few Indian restaurants in Zagreb, but I keep going back to Royal India. Located in Ulica Ivana Tkalčića, where you’ll find a ton of international restaurants and cafes in Zagreb, Royal India stands out for its authentic flavors and cozy atmosphere.

I’ve been going here for years, and they never disappoint. While I’ve tried many things on their menu, my favorites are the murgh makhani, saffron rice, garlic naan and aloo naan (because you can never have too much naan), and the sweet chili cauliflower appetizer (which is to die for!).


18. Byblos Restaurant

An array of Middle Eastern dishes including hummus, baba ganoush, falafel, and fresh pita bread, beautifully presented on a large copper tray at Byblos restaurant in Zagreb

Growing up in Cleveland, my family and I went to Lebanese restaurants A LOT. My mom also worked with a lot of Lebanese coworkers, so was lucky enough to be introduced to tons of delicious Lebanese food. That’s why, when Zagreb got its first Lebanese restaurant, Byblos, I was psyched! 

The food here tastes exactly like the authentic dishes I grew up eating, and the atmosphere is cozy and inviting. Don’t miss their silky smooth hummus, savory baba ganoush, or their mouth watering chicken shawarma.


19. Omma

A traditional Korean meal spread out on a table, featuring a bowl of bibimbap topped with a fried egg, a plate of rice, spicy stir-fry, kimchi, and a dumpling with dipping sauce.

I’d been wanting to try Korean food for some time, so after researching, I discovered that Omma was the most authentic place for Korean food in Zagreb. This tiny restaurant is a bit outside of the city center but it’s well-worth seeking out for their delicious homemade Korean dishes.

Zagreb has a lot of Asian-fusion places, but this is not one of those spots. It’s good old genuine Korean cuisine cooked by a Korean grandma (who the restaurant is named after). You’ll see her there watching Korean TV during her breaks! Be sure to try the Bibimbab and Bulgogi.


20. Curry Bowl

The only Sri Lankan restaurant in Zagreb. Food here is bursting with flavor, portions are huge, and you can try a bunch of different stuff you probably haven’t had before (unless of course you’ve been to Sri Lanka).

You can choose your spice level when ordering to ensure you’re not crying into your curry too. Don’t miss the kotthu and deviled chicken. This place is almost always packed, so be prepared to wait a bit! They also serve imported beer.


21. Silk

A feast of various Japanese dishes on a wooden table including sushi, gyoza, noodles, and sashimi, with a cocktail and chopsticks, ready for a delightful meal.

Silk Restaurant is where Asian fusion meets incredible interior design! Tucked away in a hidden alley, this spacious venue is all about creating an unforgettable dining experience. The menu is a tour across Asia, featuring everything from chicken katsu and pad thai to tasty stir-fries, gyoza, and an impressive array of sushi.

The cocktails are also amazing, and their mixologist can recommend or shake up something special if you tell them what you like.


22. Torikaya Ramen Bar

A bowl of ramen with sliced chashu pork, a soft-boiled egg, mushrooms, and nori, served at a restaurant with a place mat branding and a cold drink in the background.

Torikaya is a fantastic little spot for a bowl of comforting ramen. The small, charming setting is part of its magic, offering a cozy corner to snag a window seat and watch the world go by on the busy Petrinjska Street. The service here is top-notch and the food is absolutely delicious. If you have room for dessert, try their mochi ice cream!


Best Fine Dining Restaurants

A fine dining presentation featuring a stuffed chicken breast with a vibrant carrot, potato spheres, a red crisp tuile, fresh berries, and a drizzle of sauce on a white plate, with a colorful flower arrangement in the background, indicative of an upscale restaurant in Zagreb.

23. Noel

When in Zagreb and in the mood for an extraordinary culinary experience, Noel should be at the top of your list. This spot isn’t just one of the city’s first Michelin-starred restaurants; it’s a feast for all your senses.

At Noel, every dish is a creative masterpiece, served in a beautiful space adorned with artwork from local Croatian artists. It’s the perfect place for a celebratory dinner or simply to treat yourself to some of the finest cuisine Zagreb has to offer.


24. Dubravkin put

Dubravkin Put is a gem of a restaurant nestled just beneath the Tuskanac forest, offering a serene escape from the city hustle. It’s the perfect spot for a romantic evening, with an ambiance that is tranquil and elegant.

The food is nothing short of excellent, presenting creative twists on traditional Croatian dishes that are beautifully presented. As expected, the service is impeccable, and if you’re a wine enthusiast, the knowledgeable sommelier is there to guide you through an impressive selection of Croatian vino.


25. Vodnjanka

Vodnjanka is your cozy corner for a Mediterranean escape right in the heart of things, offering a quiet and elegant atmosphere that’s just right for an intimate dining experience. It’s a beautifully quaint restaurant where the mood lighting sets the stage for a comfortable evening, all while being serenaded by live piano tunes.

Named after the charming town of Vodnjan in Istria, the menu is all about celebrating the region with a menu featuring dishes like Istrian-style lasagne, fuži pasta in a savory boškarin sauce, and decadent truffle-infused dishes.


26. Takenoko

Takenoko is a high end Japanese restaurant located right on Masarykova Street, just footsteps away from the popular Cvjetni Trg. It boasts a modern and chic atmosphere that makes it an ideal spot for a special date night or anniversary celebration.

Here you’ll find fresh, delicious, and high quality sushi with a sprinkling of other Asian specialties like Tom Yum soup, ceviche, and shrimp udon noodles.


27. Zinfandel’s

If a true Michelin experience is what you’re after, then Zinfandel’s is the place to go. Every dish here embodies a blend of exceptional attention to detail, presentation, and taste that consistently earns it five-stars. It’s easily one of the top luxury restaurants in Croatia, if not the best.

Zinfandel’s also offers a fabulous Sunday brunch in Zagreb!


28. Bota Šare

An elegant dining setup featuring a plate of fresh oysters with lemon wedges, a glass of white wine, and a scallop shell with a seafood spread, on a table with a patterned tablecloth.

Bota Šare is an incredible world-class oyster and sushi bar right in Zagreb, known for its unique blend of Dalmatian and Japanese cuisine. Everything here is about freshness and flavor, making each dish a work of art.

The wait staff is on point, the wine is superb, and the atmosphere is perfect for a special date night or celebration. While they specialize in sushi and shellfish, you’ll also find tasty menu items like white fish carpaccio, octopus salad, and prawn tartare.

I haven’t personally been to this one but I have been to their sister restaurant in Ston near Dubrovnik which was fantastic.


Hidden Gem Restaurants in Zagreb

29. Bistro & Pizzeria Public

Gourmet risotto garnished with fresh arugula, grated cheese, and a drizzle of olive oil, served in a stylish pastel-colored bowl on a wooden table.

Located near Tresnjevka, this is a popular place among locals, but still quite a hidden gem among tourists. This cozy, feel-good, local restaurant consistently serves delicious food and offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The menu is full of traditional Croatian dishes, including their famous homemade pasta and wood-fired pizzas.


30. Zlatna Školjka

Nestled in my favorite Zagreb neighborhood of Marticeva, Zlatna Školjka is a place you probably wouldn’t expect to find. This unassuming gem is a seafood lover’s dream, steeped in tradition and known for serving up simple, yet wonderfully prepared dishes. Think fish soup, tuna steak, grilled seafood platter, and homemade bread.


31. Jing Yuan Tea House

A table set with Chinese cuisine, including a bowl of tangyuan (rice dumplings in sweet syrup), a plate of dumplings, udon noodles with vegetables, tea service, and soy sauce, with a person reaching for a cup of tea.

Stepping into Jing Yuan Tea House is literally like stepping into China, I swear. I’ve never experienced a more authentic restaurant than this one, and in the middle of Zagreb! Okay, not exactly in the middle, it’s a bit out of the way actually towards City Center West in Gajnice.

When you pull up, you’ll think you’ve got the wrong address, but trust me – you don’t. It feels like you’re stepping into a Chinese family’s tea room filled with art, knicknacks, antique furniture, and paper lanterns. The atmosphere is truly magical.

The menu is quite small, so naturally, I ordered everything (except for the hotpot, which you have to reserve in advance). They also perform a traditional Chinese tea ceremony – an experience I absolutely recommend indulging in.


32. Brenner

Brenner is a trendy barbecue spot that’s a bit of a local secret, situated just outside the city center. It’s a favorite among those in the know, especially when the weekend rolls around. With its sleek modern interior and a gorgeous outdoor terrace surrounded by trees, it’s the perfect place for a relaxed meal in a beautiful setting.

The portions here are generous, giving you great value for your money. Dive into their mouthwatering ćevapi or uštipci, snack on some sweet potato fries, or if you’re in a group, the Brenner platter is a great choice for sharing.


33. Fidel Gastro

A dish featuring crispy croquettes on a bed of salad with shredded cheese and a pink tuile, served on a speckled plate at Fidel Gastro restaurant with another dish in the background.

Fidel Gastro has a really cool industrial jazz bar charm with a laid-back atmosphere, complete with just the right background music to set the mood. Everything here is spot on – the food is delicious, the service is on point, and the whole vibe is just right.

Plus, they’ve got a fantastic wine selection that’s worth exploring. There’s also a bar next door where you can grab a drink before your meal or chill out with a cocktail afterward. It’s the perfect place to either kick-start your evening or wind down after a great meal. 


34. Beštija

Smack dab in the middle of Masarykova Street, Beštija is a place you probably wouldn’t find unless you were looking for it. This lovely little bistro offers thoughtfully crafted dishes with beautifully balanced flavors.

When you visit, you’ve got to try some of the highlights from their menu – the beef tartare and scallops are absolutely divine, and if you’re into a bit of both worlds, their surf and turf is a must-try.


35. Restoran “Kod Pere”

Restoran “Kod Pere” is a super local spot that’s been around for over 50 years! It’s got an incredibly charming terrace set on two levels – one side offers a view of bustling Vlaska Street and the other, a serene look at the cathedral, all surrounded by lovely greenery.

Pere, the owner, whips up traditional Croatian dishes that’ll make you feel like you’ve been invited to a local’s home for dinner. Menu items like porcini mushroom soup, duck with mlinci (a traditional type of pasta), and pašticada with gnocchi (a beef pot roast dish from Dalmatia) are all bursting with that homemade, heartwarming goodness.


Best Zagreb Food Tours

Traveling to Zagreb for the first time? You should book a guided food tour!

Food tours are my favorite way to explore new cities. Whenever I go on a trip, I book one on my first full day. It’s the perfect way to discover new places to eat and get a better feel for the city with a local guide.

Zagreb Best Restaurants Map

Since there are 35 restaurants on this list, I figured a map would be helpful! For your convenience, all of the best places to eat in Zagreb, from Croatian restaurants to the best Asian restaurants in Zagreb, and even fine dining, have been pinned to this map for you.

FAQs: Best Restaurants Zagreb

What food is Zagreb famous for?

Zagreb is famous for a few dishes. One of them is štrukli, a lasagne-like dish made layers of freshly made dough and cheese. Other famous dishes include turkey with mlinci, and Zagrebački odrezak (similar to cordon bleu).

What is Zagreb cuisine?

Zagreb cuisine is influenced by many different cultures, from Austrian and Hungarian to Italian and Turkish, resulting in a unique and diverse culinary scene. Many meals are very protein-heavy, based around grilled and roasted meat dishes and served with potatoes, root vegetables, and seasonal salad.

Are there any Michelin restaurants in Zagreb?

Yes! Zagreb has a few Michelin star restaurants that are worth checking out if you love fine dining.

What are restaurants called in Croatia?

Restaurants are called “restorani” in the Croatian language.

Final Thoughts on the Best Restaurants in Zagreb

That wraps up this list of the top restaurants Zagreb has to offer! I hope you found something on here that will satisfy your delicious food cravings.

Again, if it’s your first time in the city, I highly recommend joining a food tour like this one. That way you’ll get to sample all of the best local and authentic dishes. After that, you can dine out at any or all of these restaurants to your heart’s content.

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