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How to Say Hello in Croatian (With Audio Examples)

Wondering how to say hello in Croatian? I’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re planning a vacation to Croatia or pondering a more permanent move, knowing basic Croatian phrases can go a long way.

I’ve been based in Croatia since 2014, but I’ve actually been speaking the language my whole life. Even though I was raised in the United States, Croatian has always been a part of my upbringing—through music, folklore lessons, and conversations with family and friends. I even attended school in Zagreb for a few years, which really cemented my understanding of the language.

While I know my way around more complex phrases, you don’t need to be a language whiz to enjoy your time in Croatia. Mastering the art of a Croatian hello is already a step in the right direction. Plus, the locals love it when you make an effort, and it instantly warms you up to them

In this post, I’ll walk you through how to greet people in Croatian like a local. I’ve included some audio examples to help you get the pronunciation right. By the end of this, you should feel more confident in your ability to start a conversation here.

Let’s get started!

Two women sitting at a wooden table, each with a cup of coffee served in a ceramic cup on a saucer in front of them. Their heads are cut off, but you can tell that they are having an engaging conversation while learning how to say hello in Croatian.

Ways to Say Hello in Croatian Language

When you pop hello into Google Translate, it will automatically translate it to “zdravo” (pronounced: zdrahv-oh) in Croatian.

While zdravo is technically the official Croatian word for hello, some Croatians consider this particular greeting to be a little bit outdated. It’s not quite as common to hear among the younger generation, yet it’s still in use.

That said, here are some alternative ways to say hello in Croatian, whether you’re aiming for formal or just keeping it casual.


Dobar dan – This is a polite and respectful way of saying “hello” in Croatian. Though it literally translates to “good day”, you’ll often hear it in professional settings. This is how you would greet someone when walking into a store or restaurant and also when calling a business on the phone.

Pozdrav – This one is a little less formal than “Dobar dan”. It’s that middle-of-the-road greeting you’d use with people you know but aren’t super close to.


Bok – Your laid-back, everyday “hi” in Croatian. It is a very informal greeting, and what you would use to say hello to friends, family and other people you know well. Bonus: It doubles as an informal “goodbye.”

Ej – This is the equivalent of saying “hey” in English, minus the “h”. It’s super casual and is used among friends, family, and people you know well. You might even hear people combining it with “bok,” like: “Ej, bok!”

Ciao – Borrowed from Italian, but fully embraced by Croatians. This is another casual way to say hello and works well among friends and sometimes even acquaintances.

Živio – A bit of a wild card. Živio is often used to say “cheers” but can also serve as a hello or goodbye in less formal settings.

Di si / Gdje si – This is the Croatian version of saying “what’s up” or “what’s going on.” The phrase literally translates to “where are you,” but it’s used to check in with friends. You might hear: “Ej, gdje si!” which essentially means, “Hey, what’s up!”

Example Sentences Using Hello in Croatian

Here are a few useful Croatian phrases that are commonly used as a greeting or when meeting someone for the first time:

Dobar dan, kako ste? – Hello, how are you?

Pozdrav, drago mi je. – Hello, it’s nice to meet you.

Bok! Di si? – Hey! What’s up?

How Do You Say Hello in Croatian [Audio Examples]

Learning the Croatian language can be tricky. Play the video below to learn the proper hello in Croatian pronunciation:

Click the video for how to say hello in Croatian audio examples.

If you want to further brush up on your Croatian language skills, you could use an app like Ling to learn some basic phrases.


How to say hello in Croatian to a girl?

Saying hello to a girl in Croatian is easy. You can introduce yourself by saying “Bok, ja sam _____” which means “Hello, I’m _____”. Alternatively, if someone introduces you to a girl, you can respond with “Drago mi je” which means “nice to meet you.”

How do you greet someone in Croatian?

There are several ways to greet someone in Croatian, depending on how well you know them. A more formal greeting in Croatian would be “Dobar dan” or “Pozdrav”, while an informal greeting would be “Bok”.

Is it bok or Zdravo?

“Zdravo” is a more formal way to say hello in Croatian. “Bok”, although informal, is more widely used. It is a common way to greet friends, family, or people you know well.

Do Croatians say zdravo?

Some Croatians say zdravo as a formal greeting, but it is not as commonly used as “Dobar dan” or “Bok” (an informal way of saying hello to friends and acquaintances). You may also hear Croatians say “Ciao” as an informal greeting.

How to say hello in Croatian slang?

The slang version of hello in Croatian is sometimes “Živio!”, which is similar to saying “Cheers!” in English.

How to say hello in Croatian informal?

The informal way to say hello in Croatian is to say “Bok” or “Ej”. You would use either of these greetings to say hello to friends, family, or people you know well.

How to say hi in Croatian?

To say hi in Croatian, you would use the informal greeting of “Bok!” or “Ej!”.

How do you say how are you in Croatian?

Depending on who you are speaking to, you might say “Kako si?” (informal) or “Kako ste?” (formal).

Final Thoughts

I hope you found this post helpful and that you’ve mastered how to say hello in Croatian! With a little practice and the help of the audio examples above, you should be well on your way to being able to confidently greet people in Croatian.

Before you go, check out this post to learn more about the Croatian language.

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