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Exactly How to Call Croatia from US in 2024

Wondering how to call Croatia from US? I’ve got you covered!

If you’re in the United States and you’ve got family, friends, or even business associates in Croatia, making that international call can seem a bit complicated at first. Between figuring out country codes and navigating time zones, it’s easy to get tangled up.

I grew up in the USA, but my roots (and a good chunk of my heart) are in Croatia.

My dad was the designated family communicator, making sure we were always connected with our relatives for the big moments and the small chats. Birthdays, Christmases, or even those random Tuesdays when you just need to hear a familiar voice—been there, dialed that.

In this post, I’ll break down the steps for you, so you can reach out to Croatia without breaking a sweat—or the bank. Whether you’re new to international dialing or just need a quick refresher, consider this your go-to resource.

Now let’s get you connected.

The Basics: Calling Croatia From the United States

Dialing From a Cell Phone or Landline

Making international calls will vary slightly depending on whether you are making the call from your mobile phone or a landline.

If making a call from your mobile phone, open the dial pad and press the + sign (this key is shared with the number 0, so you will press and hold the number 0). This will automatically signal to your phone that you are going to make a call outside of the United States.

When calling from a landline, dial 011, which is the International Direct Dialing (IDD) number for the U.S and Canada. This is commonly referred to as an exit code. By dialing 011, you indicate that the phone number you wish to call is located outside of the United States.

Croatia’s Country Code: 385

After you’ve dialed the + (calling from mobile) or 00 (calling from a landline), you’ll need to enter the country code for Croatia. A country code is a specific numeric prefix that must be dialed before a phone number in order to reach a specific country.

Think of it as an area code, but for an entire country. It’s what helps route your call to the right location.

The country code for Croatia is 385.

Croatia Area Codes

Next, if you are calling a landline, you’ll need to add an area code for the specific region you are calling in Croatia. Here’s a list of common area codes for major cities:

  • Zagreb: 1
  • Split: 21
  • Dubrovnik: 20
  • Osijek: 31

Local Number

Finally, dial the local phone number you’re trying to reach. This is the actual number assigned to a landline or mobile phone within Croatia.

Dialing Format for Calling Croatia from the US

Getting the format right is essential for ensuring your call doesn’t end up in limbo. So here’s how you dial from the United States to Croatia, step-by-step:

The format:

+ or 011 (U.S. exit code) + 385 (Croatia country code) + Area Code + Local Number

For example, if you were to call a friend in Zagreb, the number dialed from the U.S. would look something like this: + 385 1 XXX XXXX or 011 385 1 XXX XXXX

Close up of a woman's hand holding an iPhone with the dial pad open, about to call Croatia from US.

Time Zone Considerations

One key factor that sometimes gets overlooked when making international phone calls is the time zone. Croatia operates on Central European Time (CET), which is important to note so that you’re not waking someone up in the middle of the night.

Since I usually call Croatia from Cleveland, I automatically know to add 6 hours to the time in Cleveland to quickly calculate the time in Croatia. This came after years of experience though. So here’s a quick breakdown of how CET relates to US time zones.

  • Eastern Standard Time (EST): CET is 6 hours ahead
  • Central Standard Time (CST): CET is 7 hours ahead
  • Mountain Standard Time (MST): CET is 8 hours ahead
  • Pacific Standard Time (PST): CET is 9 hours ahead

Best Times to Call Croatia from the United States

Given the time difference, you will most likely need to call Croatia from the US in the morning (no matter what time zone you’re in).

Here are some “safe zones” when you’re most likely to catch people at a convenient time in Croatia:

  • Morning in the U.S. (EST): If it’s around 9:00 a.m. in Cleveland (or NYC), it will be 3:00 p.m. in Croatia—perfect for a mid-afternoon catch-up.
  • Early Afternoon in the U.S. (CST): A 1:00 p.m. call from Chicago will ring in Croatia around 8:00 p.m., which isn’t too late for most people.
  • Late Afternoon in the U.S. (MST/PST): If you’re on the west coast, your best bet is to call earlier in the morning, around 9:00 or 10:00 a.m., making it just around 6:00 or 7:00 pm in Croatia.

Of course, these are just guidelines. If you know the person you’re calling is a night hour or an early bird, you can adjust your call time accordingly.

Additional Tips for Calling Croatia from the US

International Calling Costs

International calling can be expensive if you’re not careful. Minutes can add up quicker than you realize, especially if you’re on hold. Make sure you contact your phone provider to learn the price of making international calls before you start dialing to avoid any unexpected bills.

Here are a few ways to save money when making international phone calls:

  • VoIP Services: Apps like WhatsApp (very popular in Croatia) and Facetime offer free international calls as long as both parties have the app. Just keep in mind that you’ll need a good internet connection for a clear conversation.
  • Skype: Skype is a reliable and affordable option for making international calls. All you have to do is download the app, create an account, and top up your Skype credit to make calls. I’ve been using this method for years and find it to be one of the best and cheapest ways to stay connected.
  • Google Fi: Google Fi offers wireless phone plans that allow you to stay connected to over 200 destinations in the world. While I probably wouldn’t recommend getting it for making a few phone calls from the US to Croatia, it can be a really great alternative if you travel a lot and need affordable international data and calling.
  • International Calling Plans: Many cell phone carriers offer international calling plans that you can add to your regular service. These plans often provide lower per-minute rates and can be a smart investment if you plan to make frequent calls to Croatia.

Tip: Make sure you know whether or not the Croatian you’re calling speaks English, otherwise you may have to brush up on your Croatian language skills!

Common Issues When Calling Croatia

Even when you think you’ve got it all figured out, you might still run into some issues. Here are the most common ones (and how you can fix them):

  • Poor Connection: If you the call quality is poor, try disconnecting from wifi if calling from a mobile phone. If you keep having issues, you may want to try a different service or method. Sometimes, landlines offer clearer connections than mobile phones or VoIP services.
  • Incorrect Number Format: Make sure you’ve entered the full number, including the US exit code, Croatia’s country code, the area code (if needed), and then the local number. Missing even a single digit can misroute the call.
  • Unexpected Charges: If you notice your bill is higher than expected, double-check with your carrier about the rates and any additional fees for international calling. Sometimes, surprising charges creep up on you.


How do I make a call to Croatia from the US?

To call Croatia from the U.S., dial + or 011 (US exit code), followed by 385 (Croatia’s country code), the area code, and the local number. Alternatively, you may be able to call a number in Croatia using Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom.

How do I call a mobile in Croatia?

Calling a mobile phone in Croatia is similar to dialing a landline, except you won’t need an area code. Dial + or 011, followed by 385 (Croatia’s country code), and then the mobile phone number.

How do I make an international call from a US phone?

For an international call from a US phone to Croatia, start with the US exit code (+ or 011), followed by the recipient’s country code, area code, and the local phone number.

How to call Croatia from US on landline?

To call Croatia from a US landline, you’ll want to use the following format: 011 (US exit code), followed by 385 (Croatia’s country code), the area code, and the local number.

How to call Croatia from US online?

You can use VoIP services like Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, or FaceTime to call Croatia from the US online. Both parties may need to have the app installed for this to work, and you’ll need a stable internet connection to make the call.

How many digit is Croatia phone number?

In Croatia, phone numbers sometimes have varying lengths. It’s normal for phone numbers to have 6 to 7 digits, not including the country code or area code.

How to call Croatia from Canada?

Calling Croatia from Canada is the same as making the call from the US. Start with 011 (the exit code to call outside the US and Canada), followed by the recipient’s country code, area code, and the local phone number.

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    Final Thoughts: Calling Croatia From US

    That’s it, you’re all set! No more worrying about how to call Croatia from the US.

    Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that calling Croatia from the U.S. is just as easy as calling your neighbor.

    Before you make the call, make sure you know how to say hello in Croatian!

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