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15 Pula Croatia Beaches You Can’t Miss

Searching for the most beautiful Pula Croatia beaches? I’ve got you covered!

I’ve been living in Croatia since 2014, and traveling to the country my entire life. During my nearly 30 years of exploration, I’ve gotten to visit some of the most amazing beaches in the country!

The region of Istria, in particular, is one of my all time favorite areas of Croatia, so I make a point to visit every single year. And with over 400 miles of coastline, there is no shortage of options for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports.

In this travel guide, I’ll share the best beaches in Pula Croatia with you so that you can find your perfect spot under the sun.

Aerial view of rugged limestone cliffs along the coastline near Pula, Croatia, with sunbathers on the rocky outcrop above the clear turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea.

1. Ambrela Beach

Ambrela Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Pula, just a few kilometers away from the Old Town. This pebbled bay is a Blue Flag beach, meaning that it meets high environmental and quality standards.

Families, in particular, love this beach because of its shallow shores and clear water. The beach can get crowded as the day goes on, so I recommend grabbing a spot on the large rocks on either side of the beach where you can also catch some shade under the pines.

When it comes to amenities, Ambrela Beach doesn’t disappoint! There are lots of sun beds available to rent, showers, a beach bar, and even a restaurant.

Sunlit pebbled beach in Pula, Croatia, with crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea and a view of green islands in the distance, framed by a lush pine branch under a radiant blue sky with sunbeams.

2. Banjole Beach (Del Mar)

Also called Del Mar Beach, Banjole is a brilliant white pebbled bay in the — you guessed it — village of Banjole.

The beach here is about 450 meters long and lined with fragrant pine trees. With shores that slope gently into calm blue waters, this beach is ideal for families with children or for anyone looking for a relaxing swim.

If you prefer shade, you’ll definitely want to come in the morning when there is more shade from the trees. Great facilities here as well including restrooms and showers, and sun loungers available to rent during the season.

There are lots of restaurants and cafes in the area, so you won’t have to worry about finding a place to eat.

3. Batana Beach

Batana is an inviting bay near Pjescana Uvala that got its name from the trendy Batana Beach Bar located on this very stretch of the Istrian coast. This beautiful bay is a popular spot among both locals and tourists, offering picturesque views and clean pebbled shores.

The Batana Beach Bar is known for its relaxed atmosphere, good music, and great cocktails, making it the perfect place to unwind on a hot summer day. You can order drinks and food from the bar, and also rent a sun lounger for laying out on the beach.

Peaceful beach setting at Batana Beach Bar in Pula, Croatia, with thatched umbrellas and black sun loungers on a pebble shore, offering a tranquil view of the calm sea and distant islands under a soft sky.

4. Cyclone Beach

Also called Ciklonska Plaza, this beach is a small, pebbled cove is situated in Stoja, near Galebove Stijene, one of the most well-known beaches in Pula.

This beach boasts some of the most gorgeous natural scenery, with pine trees and Mediterranean plants surrounding a pristine turquoise bay. It has a bit of a “wild” feel to it, with minimal development and a relaxed atmosphere. It’s also one of the best places for snorkeling in Pula!

If you’re up for some adventure, there are also a few sea caves to explore nearby which you can reach via stand up paddle board.

 secluded cove with a pebble beach near Pula, Croatia, where crystal-clear turquoise waters meet the lush greenery of Mediterranean pines, with sunbathers enjoying the serene coastal ambiance under a bright blue sky.

5. Galebove Stijene

Galebove Stijene, or Seagull’s Rocks, are perhaps the most famous swimming spot in all of Istria. You may have seen photos of this place on social media or in travel magazines, and there’s a good reason why. The crystal clear water, jagged rocks, and stunning views make it a must-visit beach in Pula.

If you really want to experience Galebove Stijene properly, book a guided sea kayak tour that will take you along the jagged coastline to explore the sea caves and unique rock formations that can’t be seen from land.

As you paddle through the sparkling waters, keep an eye out for sharks in the Adriatic!

People sea kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding over the clear emerald waters near the rocky shores of Pula, Croatia.

6. Gortans Beach

Gortanova Uvala is a picturesque bay located at the start of Lungomare – a 4 kilometer-long boardwalk that stretches all the way to Valsaline Beach.

This beach is a lovely little cove of white pebbles that gently slope into the crystal clear water. On either side of Gortans Beach are large, stone plateaus where you can lay out your towel for a little more privacy. There are a number of ladders around that lead straight into the sea for easy access.

It’s best to arrive at this beach in the morning to beat the crowds! There is a little cafe nearby, too, where you can get ice cream and refreshments.

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    7. Hawaii Beach

    Pula’s Hawaii Beach is one of my favorite beaches!

    The water here is beyond stunning. We’re talking 50 shades of turquoise and crystal clear. This small bay is surrounded by giant rocks and is only accessible by taking a set of paved stairs down, and wading through a small, shallow section of water.

    Once on the beach, you’ll feel like you’ve left Croatia and have been transported to Greece!

    But don’t let the serene atmosphere fool you – there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained. Water sports such as kayaking and paddleboarding are popular options, allowing you to explore the nearby Verudela Canyon.

    If you want to stay just footsteps away from Hawaii Beach, Park Plaza Arena Pula is situated just above the beach.

    🤩 If you’re looking for a cool activity to try near Hawaii Beach, this glow-in-the-dark transparent kayak tour is awesome!

    View of Hawaii Beach from the entrance to the beach

    8. Histria Beach

    Nestled right in front of Hotel Park Plaza Histria, Histria Beach is one of the best beaches in Pula. As you walk down to the shore, you’ll pass under a pergola that guides you past the hotel’s trio of sparkling swimming pools.

    A beautiful white staircase leads you down to the paved section of the beach where you can lay out on the large stones and dive into the translucent water (there are also stairs into the water for a more gradual entry).

    To your right, a pebbled stretch of beach offers sunbed rentals, beachside massages, and a floating inflatable playground where children can play. The entire area is covered in pine trees as well, adding a touch of serene green (and much-needed shade) to the scene.

    View of the Park Plaza Verudal Pula swimming pools with the Adriatic Sea in the distance
    The view when walking down to Histria Beach in Pula through Hotel Park Plaza Verudela (Photo: Expedia).

    🤩 Looking for something fun to try? Gain a different perspective of Pula’s coastline with a scuba diving tour for beginners!

    9. Pješčana Uvala Beach

    The name Pjescana Uvala translates to Sandy Bay in the Croatian language. But before you get too excited, this beach is actually a combination of small pebbles and sand. However, it is still one of the top beaches in Pula!

    This beach is especially ideal for families with small children thanks to its calm, shallow, waters and an outdoor playground just above the beach. There are lots of pine trees too, providing ample shade for when you need a break from the sun.

    In the area, you’ll also find plenty of cafes, restaurants, and options for activities like sea kayaking and an inflatable floating water park. Pjescana Uvala also has a concrete ramp with railings on both sides leading into the water, making it wheelchair accessible.

    Scenic view of Pjescana Uvala with its clear blue waters and rocky shores near Pula, Croatia, featuring colorful kayaks on the shore, a vibrant beach scene in the distance, and Mediterranean architecture amidst greenery.

    10. Premantura (Kamenjak Nature Park)

    Kamenjak Nature Park is located in Premantura, at the very southern tip of the Istrian Peninsula. It’s about an hour’s drive away from the old town, but it’s well worth the visit as it is home to some of the best beaches near Pula Croatia!

    This area is breathtaking, with fragrant pine trees offering plenty of shade and magnificent cliffs perfect for launching yourself into the sea. Don’t worry though, if you’re not up for cliff jumping, there are plenty of pebbled beaches in the area as well.

    A few popular ones include Njive Beach and Pinižule Beach, a favorite among locals. And if you’re looking for some sandy beaches in Pula Croatia, you’ll find them in this area too.

    There is also a cool beach bar near Beach Mala Kolumbarica called Safari Bar. The atmosphere and landscape give off some serious Bali vibes with a giant swing where you can snap some Instagram-worthy photos. This is also the only place to get something to eat in Premantura and the prices are pretty reasonable.

    The serene coastline of Premantura Kamenjak Nature Park near Pula, Croatia, with clear, calm waters in shades of blue and green, bordered by smooth, weathered rocks and patches of Mediterranean greenery.

    11. Saccorgiana Beach

    Also known as Zeppelin Beach, Saccorgiana Cove is one of the best beaches near Pula. Sheltered by a natural cove, the sea at Saccorgiana is pristine and pleasantly warm. There is a pine tree forest just behind the beach that provides lots of shade, and a beach bar where you can relax and enjoy tasty drinks.

    A pretty large section of Saccorgiana Beach is dedicated to pups too, making it one of the top dog friendly beaches in Croatia!

    12. Štinjan Cove (Lost Beach)

    This beach near Pula had been neglected for a long time. After a local couple discovered it, they decided to organize a clean-up of the beach and build an eco-friendly bar and restaurant to bring more visitors to the area.

    Named Lost Bay Beach Bar, this chill hangout was created by repurposing wood and old rubbish that was found lying around the area. Their motto, No Plastic is Fantastic, reflects their commitment to sustainability and preserving the natural beauty of Croatia’s coastline.

    So if you’re looking for a truly unique place, and one of Croatia’s best hidden gems, Lost Bay Beach Bar is the spot for you.

    🤩 Looking for something fun to do near Štinjan? Why not try E Foil Surfing Lessons!

    13. Svjetionik Beach

    Svjetionik Beach, or Lighthouse Beach, is one of Pula’s best kept secrets, and is therefore not too crowded.

    It is a rocky beach that has some pretty big waves, so you’ll want to make sure to be extra careful and bring water shoes for protection. The water here is crystal clear with a view of the open sea that will take your breath away at sunset!

    There’s a great cocktail bar nearby where you can enjoy delicious drinks while taking in the beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea.

    14. Valsaline Beach

    Valsaline Beach is located at the very end of Lungomare boardwalk and is a pretty pebble beach that’s not overly crowded. The atmosphere here is laid-back with lots of options for activities like an aquapark for kids, a beach bar, and kayak rentals.

    This beach is right in front of the HI Hostel, so it could be a good place to base yourself if you’re backpacking or traveling solo through Croatia.

    Rocky coastline at Valsaline (Zlatne Stijene) near Pula, Croatia, with vivid turquoise and emerald waters inviting swimmers, and a clear blue sky above, capturing the pristine beauty of the Adriatic Sea.

    15. Valkane Beach

    Valkane is another Blue Flag Beach and one of the most well known beaches in Pula. This city beach is fairly popular among locals and tourists for its easy access to the sea and incredibly clear waters.

    Unlike a lot of the other beaches in Pula that are made up of pebbles, Valkane is mainly a concrete beach, including a long dock that juts out into the water. This dock offers a perfect spot for sunbathing or jumping into the water for a refreshing swim.

    There are a few beach bars under the pine trees that surround the beach, providing shade and a place to grab a refreshing drink.

    Pula Croatia Beaches Map


    Does Pula have good beaches?

    Pula has good beaches that are located outside of the Old Town. The best beaches for swimming are just a short drive, or bus ride, away from the city center around the Verudela Peninsula.

    Can you swim in Pula Harbour?

    No, it is not possible to swim in Pula. The city of Pula is pretty industrial, and therefore, not swimmable. It is better to visit one of the many nearby beaches located around the Verudela Peninsula or Kamenjak Nature Park.

    Are there any sandy beaches in Pula?

    No, unfortunately there are no sandy beaches in Pula. The closest sandy beaches to Pula are in Medulin or in Premantura, about 13 kilometers south of Pula’s Old Town.

    What are beaches in Pula like?

    Pula has a rugged coastline, so most beaches in Pula are rocky or pebbled beaches surrounded by pine trees. The water is incredibly crystal clear thanks to the rocks!

    Final Thoughts: Best Beaches Pula Croatia

    Pula is a fantastic summer holiday destination, and it wouldn’t be a real vacation if you didn’t visit some of the city’s best beaches! While there are no beaches in the Old Town, there are plenty of incredible places to swim in Pula just a short drive away.

    I hope this list has helped you narrow down the best beaches near Pula Croatia, and perhaps even inspired you to visit this beautiful destination.

    Before you go, don’t miss these other amazing things to do in Pula!

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