The Best Beaches Hvar Croatia Has to Offer

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The island of Hvar in Croatia is like a mix of St. Tropez combined with traditional Mediterranean culture and untouched natural beauty. Even some of the best beaches in Hvar remain a divine utopia, not spoiled by over tourism or development.

Covered in a lush blanket of pine trees, olive groves, fragrant lavender, and vineyards, Hvar is the true definition of a Mediterranean paradise. As if that wasn’t enough, this Croatian island receives 2,760 hours of sunshine per year.

That’s 115 sunny days, making it the sunniest island in Croatia!

If you ever have the chance to visit this radiant retreat, save this post so you don’t miss the best beaches around Hvar Island Croatia!

The Best Beaches Hvar Croatia Has to Offer

Malo Zarace

Closed in by impressive cliffs, Malo Zarace Beach Hvar is a pristine slice of Mediterranean bliss.

As you make your way down to Malo Zarace’s sister beach, Velo Zarace, you’ll notice a massive rock that juts out into the sea. This incredible stone formation forms a barrier between the sea and land, creating an intimate cove known as Malo Zarace.

This near-private beach is accessible by several staircases that descend against the rock into crystal blue waters.

Although this gorgeous place is more for snorkeling than it is for swimming, it’s still well worth a visit.

Jagodna Beach Hvar

Jagodna Bay is a beautiful hidden cove, located between Ivan Dolac and Sveta Nedljelja on island Hvar Croatia.

This gorgeous pebbled swimming spot is bathed in sunlight and surrounded by steep cliffs.

Getting there isn’t exactly easy. It requires some experienced driving skills to navigate the steep descent that leads to the pine forest just above the beach. However, it is definitely worth the time and effort!

Once you arrive, the beach is easily accessible from the pathway that leads through the camp.

The beauty of Jagodna Bay is the impressive cliffs that hug the beach. While the beach is small, it’s definitely not crowded.

Swim out into the glittering water and you’ll see a number of small inlets among the cliffs that have created a series of tiny private beaches.

If you’re up for an adventure, you can even climb the cliffs on the right side of the beach and plunge into the azure sea.

Tip: Be sure to get to Jagodna early so that you have plenty of time to enjoy the sun as the beach becomes shaded around 5:30 PM.

Milna Beach Hvar

Not too far from Hvar Town, the village of Milna is situated on a dazzling cove surrounded by a thick pine forest. This small sleepy town has that laid-back Mediterranean vibe you think of when you picture the Dalmatian coast.

From Milna, you can walk to Mala Milna where you’ll be greeted with a delightful pebble beach and untouched nature.

At Mala Milna, you’ll also come across an amazing no-name restaurant that the locals call Kod Dinka (which literally translates to “At Dinko’s Place”). Here, you can taste traditional Mediterranean dishes that are unique to the island of Hvar.

Dubovica Beach Hvar

When hunting for the best beaches in Hvar, look no further than Dubovica Beach. It is, perhaps, one of my most favorite beaches on the island.

Dubovica Beach is located on a secluded pebbly cove that is characterized by the majestic stone house that sits on the edge of the water.

The iconic stone home that graces nearly every photo of this beautiful beach has an interesting story behind it:

While on the beach, we noticed the owner of the house had opened up all of his windows and was blaring classical music from inside. Every so often, he would come to lean out one of the windows and watch over the beach. It’s actually quite an entertaining sight, almost like out of a movie!

Later, we learned that the locals refer to him as the “count”.

At Dubovica, you’ll also find a modest beach bar. Hvar can get pretty hot during the summer months, so having a spot to cool off in the shade with a cold beverage is a huge plus. A few simple drink options are served here, and the bar only accepts cash, so be sure to have some on you.

If you only visit a few of the beaches on this list, I highly recommend Dubovica be one of them. Not only for this unique experience but for the incredibly clear water and chill island atmosphere too!

Tip: Dubovica Beach might seem busy at the top where you park, but once you make your way down to the beach you’ll see that everyone is pretty spread out.

Pokonji Dol

One of the best Hvar town beaches is located just a 25 minute walk away from the bustling main square of the island’s main settlement. Pokonji Dol is a long pebbly bay flanked with sun beds that can be rented for around 70-100 kunas (15 EUR) for the day.

Despite its close proximity to town, Pokonji Dol is not overly crowded, featuring a comfortable and relaxed vibe.

The sunny bay boasts, you guessed it, crystal blue waters beckoning you to dive right in.

On the beach, you’ll find two delightful restaurants. Both offer everything from burgers to the daily catch, and most importantly, ice-cold beers.

Strand Mekicevica

If you visit Pokonji Dol Beach, I highly recommend walking to Mekicevica. This 25-minute-walk is a bit of an adventurous trek over sharp rocks and through pine forests, but it’s totally worth it as it is one of the best beaches on Hvar.

I broke my flip flop on the way there so a pair of sneakers is a great option to have with you for walking. While it’s not impossible to walk in flip flops, you will definitely be much more comfortable in tennis shoes.

On the way to Mekicevica, you’ll pass by Mama Pacha’s Beach Bar. Here, you can rent out covered day beds or lounge chairs that are impeccably perched on the rocky landscape leading down to the beach.

There is also a small pier with a ladder that is perfect for jumping off of.

Just a few hundred feet after Mama Pacha’s, you’ll come across a secluded cove known as Strand Mekicevica. This nearly private beach is surrounded by lush pine trees and is covered in brilliant white stones.

A few lounge chairs available for rent dot the pebble shore and the number of beachgoers is shockingly modest. We arrived in the early afternoon and the few people that were there were silent and mellow. The small number of visitors makes Mekicevica Beach a haven away from the crowds, ideal for those seeking absolute relaxation.

Robinson Beach Hvar: Just a short walk away from Mekicevica Beach, you’ll come across a hidden beach restaurant in an authentic stone house perched on the rocky island shore. The seafood here is prepared daily and is incredibly fresh! It’s the perfect spot to come and re-energize after spending long hot hours in the sun.

Veliki Pokrivenik

Located on the less-visited north shore the island, Veliki Pokrivenik is one of the Hvar Croatia beaches you won’t want to miss. Embellished with dramatic cliffs, a stunning pebbled beach, and even a cave, Veliki Pokrivenik is a beachgoers dream!

It is literally engraved into a rocky landscape, making it one of the most unique beaches in Hvar Croatia.

In addition to its natural beauty, Veliki Pokrivenik beach looks out onto an uninterrupted view of the open sea.

Perhaps one of the best parts about visiting this beach is the lack of tourists! Due to being quite isolated, not many visitors make the trek out here.

If you’re looking for a real escape from reality, you won’t want to pass up a visit to Veliki Pokrivenik.

Mala Stiniva

Topping off the best beaches Hvar Island has to offer is Mala Stiniva.

Located near the sweet town of Jelsa, Mala Stiniva Bay is characterized by picturesque cliffs that descend into turquoise waters.

This little corner of Hvar gives you a quintessential slice of island paradise. It is both peaceful and beautiful. The only sounds that can be heard for miles are the sweet melodies of the crickets and the waves.

The pebbled beach, the pure sea, and the smell of salt in the air at Mala Stiniva will leave you utterly enchanted.

The main waterfront promenade on Hvar Island Croatia | Hvar Beach Croatia

Croatia Island Hvar: Where to Stay

Hotels Hvar Croatia

The island of Hvar Croatia is best experienced when you stay overnight! I recommend staying in Hvar Town as it has the most going on. Here, you’ll find world-class restaurants, a bustling promenade, lounge bars, nightlife options like the famous Carpe Diem Beach Hvar.

If you’re looking for an amazing hotel in Hvar Croatia, then you can’t go wrong with the Amfora Grand Beach Resort Hvar. This resort is a favorite among visitors to the island due to its location in a secluded bay, sprawling pool area, and stunning views of the Pakleni Islands.

It also doesn’t hurt that Hula Hula Bar Hvar is just a few minutes away either!

For more Hvar resorts and hotels in Hvar Croatia, check out my guide to Hvar Town.

Airbnb Hvar Croatia

If you prefer to stay in an Airbnb or a private accommodation as opposed to a hotel, Hvar Croatia has plenty of options available. Most Croatian hosts list their rental properties on Airbnb or Booking, so it’s best to have a look there.

For unique accommodation options in Hvar and throughout the rest of Croatia, don’t miss this post on the Coolest Airbnbs in Croatia.

Final Thoughts: Hvar Beaches Croatia

When planning your holidays to Hvar Croatia, be sure to follow this guide so that you don’t miss the most breathtaking beaches on island Hvar!

Out of all the Croatian islands, Hvar is a favorite not only for its spectacular beaches, but for many other reasons too! For more Hvar things to do, be sure to check out The Only Hvar Island Travel Guide You Need.

Take your trip to the next level with the Croatia Island Lover’s Guide!

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