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Is There Amazon in Croatia? Local Guide [2024]

Love shopping online and wondering, is there Amazon in Croatia? This post has everything you need to know about Croatia online shopping and how you can get items from Amazon delivered to Croatia.

Being born and raised in the United States, I had the privilege of being introduced to online shopping quite early. Shopping online was convenient and Amazon had everything I could ever need: books, makeup, Halloween costumes, camera gear, beauty products, pet toys – you name it, I bought it on Amazon.

Flash forward to when I moved to Zagreb in 2014 and was shocked to discover that not only was there no Amazon in Croatia, but online shopping was still a relatively new concept.

Ordering anything online required the patience of a saint and when it finally did arrive, it was impossible to return should you need to exchange it.

Lucky for you, I have since discovered how you can order from Amazon in Croatia, and in this article, I’ll share everything you need to know so that you can do it too.

While Croatia may not have its own Amazon website, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the convenience and variety that the shopping platform offers.

By following the steps and guidelines I’ll share with you in this post, you can unlock the world of Amazon from the comfort of your home in Croatia.

If you’re ready to order from Amazon in Croatia, then keep reading!

Is There Amazon in Croatia?

Let’s get this one out of the way right at the beginning. You’re here because you want to know is there Amazon in Croatia?

The short answer is: No, there is no Amazon in Croatia.

But wait! Don’t stop reading yet.

Shipping from Amazon to Croatia can be a bit tricky, but fear not, there are ways to overcome this obstacle. I’ll explain the different shipping options available and provide insights into choosing the most cost-effective and reliable method below.

Does Amazon Ship to Croatia?

Yes and no. This is a complicated one to answer, so you’ll want to read this section carefully.

When it comes to shopping on Amazon from Croatia, you should know that there is no official Amazon Croatia website. If you want to see which products Amazon can ship internationally (specifically to Croatia), you’re going to want to go to the Amazon International Shopping Portal.

The portal will automatically filter out products that can be shipped internationally, which prevents you from browsing items you would ultimately not be able to purchase (if sending them to Croatia).

Which Amazon Store to Shop From?

The first item I ever ordered on Amazon in Croatia was a photo album (which was a really nice one by the way) but as a newbie I didn’t realize that I would be charged €30 in customs fees because the item was shipped from Amazon US.

In the end, the additional fees for my Amazon Croatia delivery ended up costing me more than the photo album itself.

To avoid making the same mistake I did, these are the Amazon stores you’ll want to shop from when shipping to Croatia:

*Both of these websites can be used in English, just click the flag to the right of the search bar at the top of the page and select English – EN.

Screenshot of homepage as an option for shopping online in Croatia

Do not shop at Amazon UK. Because the United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union, you will be charged expensive taxes and customs fees. There are other Amazon international stores like Amazon NL, but unfortunately they only ship to Belgium and the Netherlands.

Now that you know which Amazon stores will ship to Croatia, you should also be aware that the items that can actually be shipped to you are limited. So when you’re shopping on Amazon Italy or Amazon Germany, know that not all of the items you are looking at can actually be shipped Croatia.

To check this, you’ll need to enter the Croatian address you want your package shipped to. Many items like electronics or larger appliances will only ship within the country from which they are ordered.

BUT, lucky for you, I have an Amazon shopping hack for this!

How to Get Amazon Shipping to Croatia

The best way to get your Amazon order delivered to Croatia is to use a package forwarding service.

A package forwarding service, also known as a parcel forwarding service, is a specialized company that provides a convenient solution for international shoppers who want to purchase items from online retailers in countries where they don’t have a physical address or access to direct shipping.

Here’s how it typically works:

  • Sign up: To use a package forwarding service, you need to create an account with the service provider. This usually involves providing your personal information, including your name, contact details, and shipping address (where you will ultimately receive your Amazon packages).
  • Virtual address: Once you have an account, the package forwarding service will assign you a virtual address. This address is typically located in a country where the service operates, such as the United States, United Kingdom, or Germany. You can use this virtual address as your shipping address when placing orders with online retailers.
  • Shipping and consolidation: When you make a purchase from Amazon, you provide the virtual address assigned to you by the package forwarding service. Amazon then ships the item to that address.
  • Shipping to your location: After paying any applicable fees, you can choose the shipping method and provide your actual address in Croatia (or any other country) where you want the package to be delivered. The package forwarding service will then arrange for the shipment to be sent to your designated address.
  • Tracking and customer support: Throughout the process, the package forwarding service usually offers online tracking so you can monitor the progress of your package.

Below, I will outline the best package forwarding service for Croatia that I have personally used for years to get products from Amazon delivered to Croatia.

Which Package Forwarding Service to Use for Croatia

Mailboxde – My TOP Recommendation

The best package forwarder to use for getting packages delivered to Croatia is Mailboxde. This package forwarding company specifically operates in Germany, and to use it, you will need to shop on Amazon DE.

While you can use package forwarders for shopping on Amazon US, it will be much easier (and cheaper) to use Amazon DE (Amazon Germany) for sending products to Croatia.

Using and setting up Mailboxde for getting Amazon delivery to Croatia is very simple and should not take you more than a few minutes to complete. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. First, set up an account with Amazon DE (Amazon Germany).
  2. Then, sign up for a free shipping address in Germany. To do this, simply head to, an Amazon package forwarder based in Germany. Follow the steps on their website to sign up for an account, and voila! You now have an address in Germany and are eligible for Amazon DE shipping to Croatia.
A screenshot of the Mailboxde homepage which allows you to create a free shipping address in Germany so that you can get packages from Amazon delivered to you in Croatia.

Now go back to Amazon DE and enter that address in as your shipping address. You will automatically notice that all products on Amazon DE can now be shipped to your address in Germany.

Once you place an Amazon order and your item is shipped to your German address, you will receive an email from Mailboxde letting you know that a package has arrived. You will then need to log into your Mailboxde account and select the shipping carrier who will deliver your package to Croatia.

Mailboxde typically defaults to sending packages via GLS to Croatia, although you can choose other options like UPS if they are listed for your particular package.

Planet Express

Technically, you could shop at Amazon US and use a package forwarding service like Planet Express to ship your packages from the United States to Croatia.

The main issue with this is the cost of shipping. Depending on what you are purchasing, it likely won’t be worth it to ship anything from the US to Croatia via a package forwarding service.

To illustrate what I mean, I used the Planet Express Calculator:

Screenshot of Planet Express shipping cost calculator for sending a package from the USA to Croatia

How Long Does it Take to Ship Amazon Packages to Croatia

Shipping through Mailboxde is usually pretty quick, but keep in mind that by the time your package arrives at the forwarding center and is shipped to your address in Croatia, it could take up to a week to receive your Amazon item.

If you don’t plan to order a lot of items, you can pay per package. Mailboxde will prompt you to pay when you select shipping, which you can do through Paypal or through bank transfer.

If you plan to do a lot of shopping on Amazon, you can top up your Mailboxde account with a larger sum of money and set up automatic shipments.

This means that you will not need to log into Mailboxde every time you get a package, rather they will automatically forward your package to your pre-selected carrier and deduct the shipment cost from your account.

All of these settings can be adjusted in your Mailboxde account.

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    How Much Does it Cost to Send Amazon Packages to Croatia via Package Forwarder?

    The cost of sending Amazon packages to Croatia via a package forwarder can vary depending on several factors, including the weight and dimensions of the package, the shipping method chosen, and any additional services or fees associated with the package forwarding service.

    It’s important to note that international shipping rates can be higher compared to domestic shipping within the same country. Not to mention the fact that the cost of living in Croatia has gotten more expensive in recent years.

    Most package forwarders charge fees for their services, which can include membership fees, account setup fees, package handling fees, and consolidation fees.

    For Mailboxde specifically, I have never paid more than €10 for small to medium sized packages to be sent to Croatia.

    One large cardboard box and two smaller boxes from Amazon with two average-sized paperback books stacked next to the boxes.
    This is a recent package I ordered from Amazon DE. The two books (packaged separately) were shipped to Mailboxde where they were consolidated into one large box and then shipped to my address in Croatia for €10.

    Can You Use Amazon Prime Croatia?

    If you’re not familiar with Amazon Prime, it is a subscription membership that includes free shipping, streaming services, exclusive access to sales, and other perks for a yearly or monthly fee.

    When purchasing a product from Amazon (US) that can be shipped to Croatia, you likely won’t have the option to utilize Prime for free shipping. Instead, the item will be shipped through AmazonGlobal.

    However, if you are shopping on Amazon DE to get items delivered to Croatia, it can be beneficial to have an Amazon Prime membership. Since you will be shipping items to Mailboxde before shipping them to your final address in Croatia, shipping costs can add up quickly if you are purchasing lots of items.

    In order to avoid paying for shipping twice (first to Mailboxde and then to your address in Croatia) it might make sense for you to sign up for Amazon Prime.

    Can You Send or Use Amazon Gift Cards in Croatia?

    No, unfortunately you cannot send an Amazon gift card to someone in Croatia as they will not be able to use it.

    Will There Be a Croatia Amazon in the Future?

    According to Poslovni Dnevnik, Amazon went through the process of opening offices in Croatia in 2021. Not to be confused with a new Croatian distribution center, Amazon was actually seeking employees for its cloud services business.

    Since then, there has been no information on the country getting its own Amazon Hrvatska website or distribution center, so for now, we’ll just have to stick with Amazon DE.


    Does Amazon deliver to Croatia?

    Yes, Amazon delivers to Croatia, however, the items that can be delivered to Croatia are limited.

    What is the Croatian equivalent of Amazon?

    The Croatian equivalent of Amazon is eKupi, which is the largest Croatian eCommerce store that sells everything from home appliances and patio furniture to televisions and perfumes. Other popular eCommerce platforms include AliExpress and eBay.

    What package forwarding company works best for Croatia?

    Mailboxde is the best package forwarding company when shopping on Amazon DE and shipping items to Croatia. You can sign up for a mailbox for free and have your Amazon products delivered to Croatia for an affordable shipping fee.

    Does Amazon offer free shipping to Croatia?

    Unfortunately no, Amazon does not offer any free shipping to Croatia.

    Can I buy Kindle books from Amazon in Croatia?

    You can purchase Kindle books from the Amazon store where your Kindle is registered. Say you are registered in the USA, you can buy Kindle books from Amazon while in Croatia but only from the Amazon US website.

    Are there Amazon lockers in Croatia?

    There are no Amazon lockers in Croatia, although you should be able to get your order delivered to your physical address in Croatia without any issues.

    Final Thoughts: Shopping on Amazon in Croatia

    While Croatia may not have its own Amazon website, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the convenience that Amazon offers. By following the steps and insights I shared with you in this post, you can successfully order from Amazon and have your desired items delivered to Croatia.

    Utilizing the package forwarding service, Mailboxde, can be a game-changer by providing you with a virtual address in Germany and allowing you to shop on Amazon DE. This opens up a world of possibilities where you can access a wide range of products and take advantage of Amazon Prime benefits even in Croatia.

    Although the process may involve some additional fees and longer shipping times, the ability to order from Amazon while living in Croatia is worth it!

    Want to avoid international transaction fees when shopping or traveling? Make sure you get my favorite travel credit card.

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