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How to Get from Korcula to Hvar in 2024

Wondering how do you get from Korcula to Hvar?

Luckily, you’re in the right place to find out more about Korcula to Hvar transportation! As someone who has been living in and traveling all over Croatia since 2014, I know the best way to navigate the islands.

I’ve made the trip from Korcula to Hvar (and from Hvar to Korcula) too many times to count, and am here to share exactly how you can do it too.

Before we dive in, you should know that there are several ways to travel between Korcula and Hvar, and the best option for you will depend on your budget, timeline, and preferences.

The quickest way to get from Korcula to Hvar is by ferry. There are several ferries that run between these two islands daily, making it easy to plan a day trip or an overnight stay in Hvar Town. The ferry ride takes about an hour and a half, so you’ll have plenty of time to admire the stunning views along the way.

If you’re embarking on a Croatia road trip, you’ll be happy to know that you can take your vehicle from Korcula to Hvar via car ferries (more on how to do this later).

If budget isn’t a concern, private water taxis are another great option for getting from Korcula to Hvar. Private water taxis can be booked in advance and offer a comfortable journey with personalized service.

No matter which option you choose, getting from Korcula to Hvar island is an easy and enjoyable journey. So whether you’re just looking for a day trip or planning a longer stay on Hvar, use this guide to find the best way to get from Korcula to Hvar!

Woman walking down the stone steps of Korcula island in Croatia

How to Get From Korcula to Hvar

Korcula and Hvar are both islands in Croatia’s Adriatic Sea. Neither of them have an airport, which means that the only way to reach them is by boat. Traveling by boat in Croatia can take on many forms, which we will break down in this article so that you can determine the best way to travel from Korcula to Hvar.

Where is Hvar Island?

Hvar island is located in Croatia’s region of southern Dalmatia. It sits between the islands of Brac and Korcula, and its eastern end is only 3.7 miles (6 kilometers) away from the mainland.

Fun fact: Hvar is the longest island in the Adriatic, clocking in at 42.3 miles (68 kilometers) in length.

Map screenshot portraying how to get from Korcula to Hvar island in Croatia.
Map screenshot of Croatia’s southern coast and islands, including Hvar and Korcula.

Taking a Ferry From Korcula to Hvar

The easiest and cheapest option for traveling between the two islands is by taking a ferry. When planning your trip, you should know that there are many ferries from Korcula to Hvar that operate throughout the year. There are two main companies that run between the islands that leave from and arrive at different ferry ports. For this reason, you’ll want to pay close attention to the arrival and departure ports when booking your ferry tickets so that you don’t end up in the wrong place.

Passenger Ferry Korcula to Hvar

The best and fastest way to get from Korcula to Hvar is by passenger ferry. There are two main companies that run routes between the two islands, and they depart from different ports on Korcula island: Korcula Town, Vela Luka, and Prigradica.

All ferries traveling between Korcula and Hvar offer onboard facilities including bathrooms, an air-conditioned indoor seating area, and a snack bar with coffee and refreshments available for purchase. There is plenty of space to wander around the ferries, and there is no assigned seating, so you can sit wherever you’d like.

If you are traveling by foot, make sure to choose the fast passenger catamaran option when booking your ferry ticket. This is the fastest and most convenient option, with travel time varying between 50 minutes and 1.5 hours, depending on your ports of departure and arrival.

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    Here are the options available:

    Jadrolinija Catamaran Line
    • Route: The Korcula to Hvar ferry Jadrolinija line operates between Hvar Town and Vela Luka daily
    • Travel time: 1 hour
    • Tickets: Ferry tickets can be purchased at the Jadrolinija office in Vela Luka, or online
    • Ticket prices: For up to date ticket prices, visit the official Jadrolinija website
    • Ferry Timetable: View the Korcula to Hvar ferry timetable here
    Kapetan Luka (Krilo)
    • Route: This catamaran from Korcula to Hvar operates between Korcula Town and Hvar
    • Travel time: 1.5 hours
    • Tickets: Ferry tickets can be purchased at the Kapetan Luka Office in Korcula (Ulica Foša 1), or online
    • Ticket prices: For up to date ticket prices, visit the official Kapetan Luka website
    • Ferry timetable: View the Korcula to Hvar ferry timetable here
      *NOTE: The Korcula to Hvar catamaran can depart from either the east or west port, so you will need to confirm which port you are departing from on your day of travel. There is a 5-minute walk between the two ports.
    Kapetan Luka (Krilo)
    • Route: This catamaran from Korcula to Hvar operates between Prigradica and Hvar
    • Travel time: 55 minutes
    • Tickets: Ferry tickets can be purchased at the Kapetan Luka Office in Korcula or online
    • Ticket prices: For up to date ticket prices, visit the official Kapetan Luka website
    • Ferry timetable: View the Korcula to Hvar ferry timetable here

    Tip: During high season (July and August), I highly recommend purchasing your ferry tickets in advance. This time of year is particularly busy, and ferries sell out fast. If you want to be sure you make it on your desired ferry, either purchase your tickets online via the ferry company website, or at the local office a few days before your departure.

    Ferry Korcula to Hvar Croatia
    Ferry Korcula to Hvar: Jadrolinija is the most common ferry provider in Croatia.

    Car Ferry From Korcula to Hvar

    Traveling around Croatia by car is one of the best ways to explore the country, and your adventure doesn’t have to stop at the mainland either! When planning to visit both Korcula and Hvar with a car, it is important to know that there is no direct Korčula to Hvar car ferry.

    As you can probably imagine, this is not a very practical option for traveling from Korcula to Hvar. However, below you will find a breakdown of how it can be done.

    There are only two car ferry routes that depart Korcula. One leaves from Vela Luka on the western side of Korcula island and goes to Split, while the other car ferry departs from Domince (near Korcula Town) and goes to the ferry port in Orebic.

    If you really want to travel by car from Korcula to Hvar, you can take the car ferry from Korcula to Split and change ferries there. The car ferry from Split will take you to Stari Grad on Hvar island. From there, it is about a 25-minute drive to Hvar Town.

    Another option is to take the car ferry from Korcula Town to Orebic on the Peljesac Peninsula. This ferry route is extremely short and only takes 15-minutes. Once you disembark in Orebic, you will need to drive to Drvenik on the mainland to catch the ferry to Sucuraj on Hvar.

    Ferry Korcula: Car ferry leaving Split, Croatia and going to Korcula Town
    Car ferry in Croatia departing from the Split ferry terminal.

    If you plan to travel to other places in Croatia (other than just island hopping), I highly recommend renting a car. One Croatia itinerary you may want to consider is starting your trip in Zagreb and ending with a few days in Split.

    You can then return your rental car in Split, and hop on a passenger ferry for a few days of island hopping. Another option could be to begin your trip with island hopping from Split, and then renting a car in Split to drive down the coast to Dubrovnik and nearby Lokrum Island.

    When booking your car online, I recommend using Discover Cars. They’re great because they search both international and local companies to make sure you get the best rates. They also provides ratings for all of the companies, making it easy to eliminate the ones that don’t meet your standards.

    Private Transfer (Water Taxi Korcula to Hvar)

    The most convenient (and also most expensive) option is to take a private boat from Korcula to Hvar. If you prefer to be flexible and on your own schedule, you can book a private water taxi to travel between the islands.

    See prices for private transfers here.

    Korcula to Hvar Day Trip

    Lastly, you can visit Hvar island from Korcula on a day trip. If you’re short on time, or want to cut down on moving between hotels, it is possible to visit Hvar on a day trip from Korcula.

    You can either plan the day trip yourself by taking the ferry from Korcula to Hvar, which will give you about 8-9 hours to explore.

    I recommend starting your morning with some sightseeing and a coffee on the riva (seafront promenade). After that, head to the best beaches on Hvar and spend the day sunbathing and swimming in Croatia’s clear water. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for sharks in the Adriatic though!

    Another fantastic option is to book a private boat and skipper for the day. This option will allow you to be carefree and truly soak in the magic of Croatia’s islands. Your skipper can take you to hidden coves and bays that you would be unlikely to reach on your own.

    Plus, you get the flexibility of being able to stay as long as you like as opposed to being tied to a strict ferry schedule.

    There are plenty of options for booking private boat tours from Korcula to Hvar, and many of them can be booked at local agencies on the island. To get an idea of what to expect from a boat tour, or to book one online, check out Korcula Boat.

    Staying on Hvar Island for a few days? Take a day trip to the Pakleni Islands!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long is the ferry from Korcula to Hvar?

    Korcula to Hvar ferry time can vary from 50 minutes up to 1.5 hours, depending on the chosen route.

    How far is Korcula from Hvar?

    The distance between Korcula and Hvar is 34 nuatical miles (63 kilometers).

    Can you do a day trip from Hvar to Korcula?

    It is possible to do a day trip from Hvar to Korcula and vice versa. The islands are well connected by catamarans, making them easy to visit in just one day.

    Final Thoughts on Traveling Between Korcula and Hvar

    No matter how you choose to get from Korcula to Hvar, you’ll find that traveling between these islands is actually super easy! Just remember to get to the ferry port well in advance of boarding, especially if you plan to take a car as our ticket doesn’t guarantee boarding at any particular time.

    From the convenience of passenger ferries and private water taxis, to the beauty of a day trip – hopefully this guide has helped you choose the best way to get around the islands.

    Need tips on what to do on the islands? Grab my Croatia island hopping guidebook!

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