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15 Incredibly Cool Airbnbs in Croatia

If you’re planning a vacation and are looking for some unique vacation rentals, you’re about to uncover the coolest Airbnbs in Croatia.

Croatia is an amazing destination full of spectacular beaches, incredible natural beauty, and loads of hidden gems. Most people visiting Croatia flock to resorts on the Adriatic Sea because, well, no one has told them about the ultra cool places they can stay at that would make their Croatia experience that much more memorable.

Lucky for you, I’ve been living in and traveling through Croatia since 2014 and I’ve discovered some pretty amazing accommodations I think you should know about. One of my favorite things to do is find a cool Airbnb in Croatia located in a destination that I’ve never been to or know very little about.

I use this as an opportunity to explore locations off the beaten path and discover unique experiences that I can then share with you! There’s something extra special about traveling in such a serendipitous way.

In this post, I’ve rounded up the best Croatia Airbnbs I’ve stayed at (and ones that I’m dying to visit) to inspire you to explore the country in a different way. From wine cellars that have been converted into charming apartments and cozy tree houses, there’s bound to be something that catches your eye. So get ready for some serious vacation envy!

Without further ado, let’s get into the most amazing Airbnbs in Croatia you’ll want to book right now!

Here Are 15 of the Coolest Airbnbs in Croatia

1. The noble family home on Hvar

An old stone villa on Hvar Island converted into a modern day vacation home with a swimming pool.
Photo Credit: Airbnb

Perched atop the picturesque Petrovac Hill, Villa Bifora provides exquisite views of Hvar Island and its awe-inspiring bay. Originally constructed by the Didolić family as a getaway for their noble friends, this villa was designed with relaxation in mind.

The host’s mission was to revive the original concept and provide guests with an idyllic retreat of peace, joy, and leisure. By expertly combining classic design elements with contemporary accents, the interior of this vacation home pays homage to its original structure and materials while staying sleek and modern.

2. The treehouse in Lika, Croatia

The interior of a unique treehouse Airbnb in the forest of Lika in Croatia
Photo Credit: Airbnb

Treehouse Lika is a stunning Airbnb situated among the lush green trees in Velebit National Park. This unique accommodation is modern and functional, yet cozy and warm as you would expect a treehouse to be.

Just a thirty-minute drive from the shores of the Adriatic Sea, and four hours away from five of Croatia’s national parks, Treehouse Lika is ideal for exploring Croatia’s natural beauty.

3. Converted wine cellar in Split

A former wine cellar in Split that has been converted into a chic Airbnb
Photo Credit: Airbnb

This exceptionally stylish Airbnb is actually a 200-year-old converted wine cellar. Located in a traditional stone house just five minutes away from Diocletian’s Palace, this amazing accommodation offers guests a totally unique experience while exploring the city of Split.

The traditional Dalmatian interior will keep you cool during Split’s hot summers, and the amenities make the space cozy and comfortable. This place definitely deserves the award for best Airbnb Split Croatia has to offer!

4. An old stone tower in Hvar Town

The Old Tower, officially named Ruina di Molino a Vento, is situated within walking distance Hvar Town‘s historic center, just steps away from the main square. This Airbnb is actually a 15th-century windmill that has been expertly transformed into a four-story, two-bedroom apartment.

Complete with modern amenities, thoughtful touches, and an immaculate garden and outdoor seating area, this place might even take the cake as the coolest Airbnb in all of Croatia.

5. A charming cottage in the woods

Bistrica Cottage, one of the coolest Airbnbs in Croatia
Photo Credit: Airbnb

Formerly an old water mill, Bistrica Cottage has since been converted into a darling Airbnb. Located just feet away from the Bistrica River, this cozy accommodation offers a truly magical cabin-in-the-woods experience. The relaxing rush of water can be enjoyed from almost every corner of the home.

In front of the house are a terrace, beautiful meadow, and barbecue, while behind the cottage guests can enjoy sunbeds and a hot tub. Swimming in the river is only for the brave as the water temperature can be very cold even in the summer. However, the owners recommend combining quick dips in the chilling river with dips in the hot tub!

6. The lighthouse

Lighthouse on Hvar Island
Photo Credit: Airbnb

This restored lighthouse, built in 1889, is a magical place located on Hvar Island, Croatia. For those looking for a quiet and relaxing vacation, look no further. The lighthouse is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea on three sides, and lush gardens on the fourth. Guests rave about how special this place is, and have even called it “a piece of heaven on earth”.

If visiting Hvar Island, be sure to check out my complete guide to Hvar island so you don’t miss a thing!

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    7. Private spa on the beach

    Photo Credit: Airbnb

    Villa Lorena is an extraordinary historic gem, nestled within the well-preserved ancient city walls of Novigrad, Istria. The property is located in a central but quiet location right on the beach, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows providing sweeping views of the Adriatic Sea from all angles.

    In addition to a large outdoor swimming pool, this beachfront home also boasts a sauna, jacuzzi, spacious living area, fully equipped kitchen, and enough bedrooms to accommodate up to 12 guests.

    8. A 200-year-old stone cottage

    A historic, charming stone house located in the village of Humac on Hvar Island
    Photo Credit: Airbnb

    Craving some tranquillity? Look no further than this renovated stone house in the picturesque 17th-century village of Humac – a perfect Airbnb to relax and recharge.

    This traditional Mediterranean home is located in an uninhabited village just 10km away from Jelsa. It offers a large terrace and lavender garden with diving panoramic views of Hvar, Brač, the Makarska Riviera and the glittering sea.

    9. Boho bungalow by the sea

    A boho bungalow by the sea on Pasman island featuring a terrace overlooking the water on a sunny summer day.
    Photo Credit: Airbnb

    Welcome to your own private paradise! This fisherman’s bungalow is situated in a tranquil camp on the southern side of Pašman Island, overlooking Soline Bay. This place is off the beaten path (as in the nearest town is 25-minutes away). But with crystal clear waters, lush greenery, and serene surroundings, you really don’t need much else for a relaxing getaway!

    The most remarkable aspect of this bungalow is its proximity to the sea; you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported back in time and are living a real-life Robinson Crusoe adventure.

    10. The tiny home on the river

    An eco-friendly wooden home situated on the Mreznica River. The adorable balcony offers a perfect place to sit and enjoy your morning coffee riverside.
    Photo Credit: Airbnb

    This river island sanctuary is the most perfect oasis located just a short drive away from Zagreb. This Robinson-style accommodation offers a chance to disconnect from the outside world. Spend your days relaxing on sun beds, enjoy diving right into the river from your tiny home balcony, and fall asleep to the sound of rushing waterfalls.

    11. The restored castle on Brač

    An aerial view of a castle turned Airbnb on Brac Island, Croatia
    Photo Credit: Airbnb

    This gorgeous restored castle boasts a beautiful, modern interior and an incredibly rich history. Originally constructed in 1497, this cultural monument is located in the historic center of Pučišća on the island of Brač, Croatia.

    The medieval manor offers a peaceful courtyard and three terraces, perfect for enjoying breakfast or sipping wine under the stars. Peaceful and relaxing, this historic residence is a true hidden gem and most definitely one of the coolest Airbnbs in Croatia.

    12. The Dubrovnik treehouse

    An eco-friendly treehouse perched among oak trees near Dubrovnik makes for one of the most unique Airbnbs in Croatia.

    It’s no lie that the prices in Dubrovnik can be a bit steep, but it’s more than worth it to experience this beautiful city. If you’re looking for a unique place to stay outside of the city walls, consider this treehouse Airbnb.

    Standing on a 50m² platform among oak trees, this eco-friendly treehouse is powered by solar energy and can accommodate up to six guests. Nestled deep in the forest, Treehouse Dubrovnik offers complete seclusion, a large open terrace, and beautiful views of the Konavle Valley.

    Nearby, guests can enjoy an adventure park with four ziplines, a paintball field, archery field, and more. And if the weather is less than ideal for outdoor activities, don’t miss these fun things to do in Dubrovnik when it’s raining.

    13. The restored village home

    A beautiful country interior of the Mandala House at Ekodrom Estate - Coolest Airbnbs in Croatia
    Photo Credit: Airbnb

    Situated just an hour away from Plitvice Lakes National Park, Ekodrom Estate offers a peaceful getaway in central Croatia. There are a total of three houses on the property, each with their own unique design and layout.

    The house pictured above is the Mandala House, a traditional village home that effortlessly fuses old-world-charm and modern design. I booked a stay here on a whim in November 2021 and had the coziest and most relaxing weekend getaway. A huge plus for me was that they are dog friendly!

    14. Off-the-grid on Vis

    The stone terrace of an off-the-grid island home overlooking a tranquil bay on Vis.
    Photo Credit: Airbnb

    Vis island is already the most remote Croatian island. But if you really want to ensure ultimate peace and unbothered relaxation, you can escape to this off-the-grid stone house.

    Situated in a stunning cove on the Island of Vis, this 200+ year old fisherman’s cottage has been thoughtfully renovated with green initiatives in mind, preserving the natural beauty of its surroundings. The cottage is entirely powered by solar panels for energy and hot water so that you can get away from it all while still having access to modern amenities.

    The best part? The property is less than a one minute walk away from the beach.

    15. Luxury home in the forest

    Forest Villa Airbnb in Croatia
    Photo Credit: Airbnb Hrvatska

    This beautiful forest home lies in the quaint village of Sunger in Gorski Kotar, a mountainous region in Croatia. An impressive piece of architectural design, Forest Home Villa perfectly blends its natural surroundings with modern amenities for a truly relaxing getaway.

    The home features 3 airy bedrooms and sleeps up to eight guests. It’s equipped with a cozy living room area, full kitchen, indoor and outdoor fireplace, jacuzzi, and even a Turkish bath. The property is surrounded by sparkling lakes, sunny meadows, rivers, and streams. It is absolutely ideal for anyone who loves spending time in the great outdoors!

    Final Thoughts

    That wraps up 15 of the coolest Airbnbs in Croatia! These unique places to stay in Croatia really have the power to take your trip to another level, so I hope some of these inspire you to seek out some lesser-known parts of Croatia.

    Before you go…plan the perfect vacation with my 10 day Croatia itinerary!

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