Top Three Places to Eat in Stockholm

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Stockholm is a city that’s better known for modern Scandinavian design than it is food.

When people talk about visiting the city, more often than not, they gush about how expensive it is rather than how amazing the food was.

So when we booked our trip to Stockholm, I wasn’t really expecting anything revolutionary when it came to the local cuisine, but Stockholm really blew me away with its food scene! While it was difficult to narrow down the list, I really think we nailed it when it comes to the top three places to eat in Stockholm.

 Top Three Places to Eat in Stockholm

Top Three Places to Eat in Stockholm

Meatballs for the People

The first, and only, restaurant dedicated to the savory Swedish delicacy – the meatball. A meatball that is so incredibly tasty, it is worthy of its own restaurant.

Meatballs for the People is the place you need to go to if you want to taste Stockholm’s food icon. The restaurant is pretty popular, so I would advise making a reservation online if you can. We ended up going without a reservation on a Saturday afternoon and were seated outside pretty quickly after waiting for only 10 minutes.

The menu is small but refined. I’d recommend ordering the main course Sharing is Caring, where the chef selects four different kinds of meatballs. Definitely the way to go if you want variety! We received beef, lamb, boar and reindeer meatballs (4 of each) with a side of the creamiest mashed potatoes, gravy, lingonberries, and pickled onions. It was absolutely delectable. The way the lingonberries melted together with the mashed potatoes and meatballs was heavenly, and the portion size was more than enough for the two of us.

You should also know that the meat used to make the scrumptious meatballs comes from organic, quality, Swedish farms. They actually serve different meatballs every day, so you can be sure there is a meatball for everyone.

 Meatballs for the People - Stockholm

Kajsas Fisk

Found in the Hötorgshallen food market, in the district of Norrmalm, Kajsas Fisk is a modest and authentic fish restaurant. You probably wouldn’t expect much from a place like this,

Fish is a fundamental ingredient in Swedish cuisine, so it’s only natural to include at least one seafood restaurant in your Stockholm itinerary, and Kajsas Fisk should be it. To get there, enter the Hötorgshallen market and take the escalator down. Skip past the cheese and sausage counters and head straight to the back of the market where the fish stalls are. You might recognize it by the massive amount of people lined up waiting for a delicious bowl of their famous fish soup! Don’t worry though, the service is pretty fast.

You order at the counter and seat yourself. We went for the highly recommended fish soup and the traditionally Swedish toast skagen. Upon ordering, we received the fish soup right away and immediately dove in. More of a stew teeming with fragrant broth, pieces of fish, mussels, shrimp and aromatic spices, the first spoonful was nothing short of amazing. Honestly, it’s the best soup I’ve ever had, hands down.

Next up came the toast skagen. Though we were already full of the very rich and flavorful fish soup, we managed to make some room for the Swedish classic. In essence, this dish is a shrimp salad on toasted bread topped with whitefish roe (small orange caviar). While it didn’t blow me away as much as the fish soup did, it was still worth trying.

 Kajsas Fisk Stockholm - Fish Soup

Greasy Spoon

Where do I even start?! On the way to Stockholm, I stumbled upon this restaurant while scrolling through Instagram, and instantly knew we had to check it out. It’s a local place with a cool, laid-back vibe in the hip Sodermalm district. Bear in mind that Greasy Spoon is insanely popular, so you should try to get there around the time it opens to avoid waiting. We showed up at 9:15 AM on a Saturday and were seated immediately, but the place was already half full!

We ordered two different dishes to share: the buckwheat blueberry pancakes and the full English breakfast. The pancakes were fluffed to perfection and doused in a thick blueberry sauce, while the English breakfast stayed true to the solid classic and was equally delicious.

The Greasy Spoon makes our list of the top three places to eat in Stockholm due to the super friendly staff and quick service, despite the never-ending queue of guests. Not to mention, the atmosphere was cozy and chill. If you happen to be in Stockholm during the summertime, I’d recommend grabbing a seat outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather on a lovely quiet street.

 Greasy Spoon Stockholm

Smaklig måltid!

….or bon appetit! Those are my top three places to eat in Stockholm. Planning a trip to the Swedish capital? Check out my post, How to Spend A Weekend in Stockholm, for some extra tips and tricks on where to stay and what to do in the city.

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