The Best Fika in Stockholm

Last updated on November 1st, 2020 at 05:35 pm

My favorite part of traveling is learning about, and taking part in, each destination’s culture and traditions. When visiting the country of Sweden for the first time, the one custom I looked forward to experiencing most was the art of fika.

In it’s purest form, fika is simply a coffee break, but to the Swedish locals, it means so much more.

Fika is not about inhaling a grande vanilla latte from Starbucks while zipping from one meeting to the next. Rather, it’s about taking time out of your day to pause and reset. It’s about disconnecting for a bit, being in the present moment, and perhaps even enjoying some good company; all while savoring every single drop of your delicious hot coffee.

Swedes take their coffee very seriously. So seriously, that they down 9-10kg of coffee per person annually. Just as important as the coffee, are the pastries of course. These tasty treats can range from Swedish classics like kanelbullar (similar to a cinnamon bun), to brownies or even a scrumptious layered cake.

This coffee-loving nation tends to fika around 11:00 AM, but they often do so several times a day – even during the workweek.

If you ever have the chance to visit Sweden, or are currently planning a trip to Stockholm, be sure to have fika on your itinerary. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this delightful cultural immersion.

To help you navigate the capital’s uber-stylish cafes, I’ve compiled a list of the best fika in Stockholm.

 The Best Fika in Stockholm

Where to fika like a local

Cafe Pascal

When researching the best fika in Stockholm, Cafe Pascal came up time and time again, so I just knew we couldn’t miss it. This is the place where I tried my first delectable Swedish cinnamon bun and it was everything I had imagined it would be – gooey, sticky, and of course, cinnamony. Aside from traditional Swedish pastries, Cafe Pascal also serves modern and healthy lunch dishes like their salmon salad or avocado on toasted rye in their Instagram-worthy space.

Cafe Pascal in Stockholm Sweden

Green Rabbit

Focused on bread and baked goods, Green Rabbit will make you feel right at home with their family vibe. Opened up by Michelin Star chef, Mathias Dahlgren, this cafe prides itself on quality, organic ingredients, and sustainability. This means you’ll not only get to enjoy great food, but you’ll also feel great while you’re at it.


This local chain of traditional wood-fired baked goods can be found in several different locations around Stockholm. While I’m not a huge fan of chain restaurants, I don’t have enough good things to say about Fabrique! Famous for their sourdough bread, each and every pastry in their shops are handmade using all-natural ingredients according to age-old recipes. Be sure to try their blueberry buns!

 The Best Fika in Stockhlm

Johan & Nyström

Located in one of Stockholm’s coolest neighborhoods, Södermalm, this popular cafe serves up premium coffee brewed with love. Other than having mastered the perfect cup of java, Johan & Nyström also offers an incredible selection of confectionery goods to accompany your brew. The cozy ambiance of this cafe, friendly staff, and tempting pastries make Johan & Nyström a pretty sweet fika spot. While there, be sure to pick up a bag of their freshly roasted beans to take back home with you!

Rosendals Trädgård

By far my favorite place in all of Stockholm has to be Rosendals Trädgård. This gorgeous public garden located on the island of Djurgarden, is the definition of an oasis. Greenhouses, gardens and gorgeous blooms dot the property, making it a lovely escape from the busy streets of Stockholm. The garden cafe serves up coffee, pastries, sandwiches and soups, many of which are made using ingredients grown in the surrounding gardens. You can even enjoy fika or lunch in the apple orchard!

Rosendals trädgård in Stockholm Sweden

I hope you enjoyed my roundup of the best fika in Stockholm. If you’ve had the chance to experience the wonderful world of Swedish fika, be sure to tell me your favorite place!

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