How to Spend a Weekend in Stockholm

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A city that sits on an archipelago of fourteen islands, Stockholm is a Scandinavian gem. Its gorgeous royal architecture, surrounding natural beauty, amazing food scene, and hipster vibes, make for a wonderful city break.

This travel guide is filled with everything you should see and do while spending a weekend in Stockholm. Although this itinerary is only for two days, you can easily stretch your stay as this pretty city truly has a lot to offer.

How to Spend a Weekend in Stockholm

How to Spend a Weekend in Stockholm

Day One in Stockholm

Kick-off your Stockholm city break with breakfast at Greasy Spoon in the cool neighborhood of Södermalm.

Tip: It was 9:15 AM on a Saturday when we arrived, and we just barely managed to snag one of the last seats! Be sure to get there early if you want to avoid waiting for a table.

This trendy cafe has a mouth-watering breakfast/lunch menu that offers gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian options. They even have plenty of dairy-free milk substitutions as well, so you can go ahead and order that oat milk latte.

We ordered a plate of the full English breakfast and (buckwheat) blueberry scotch pancakes – we basically both licked our plates clean!

Breakfast at Greasy Spoon in Stockholm, Sweden

After a filling breakfast, head to Gamla Stan for a free walking tour of the Old Town. You’ll meet your guide right outside of the Gamla Stan Metro station and embark on a two-hour walking tour ending at Stortorget Square. Even if you’re not into organized tours, this is a great, quick way, to get a rundown of the Old Town and learn some cool facts along the way. Then, later, you can always return back to something that caught your eye along the way.

At the end of the tour, though not a requirement, you should tip your guide as these are the only earnings they receive from running these free walking tours.

Colorful buildings on Stortorget Square in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Once the tour is over, hop on one of the many electric scooters you’ll see scattered around the city and ride over to Stockholm’s Public Library. This unique library was designed as a rotunda that allows every single book to be reached without a ladder, making knowledge accessible to everyone.

Unless you’re planning on reading or borrowing a book, then take a short walk to Cafe Pascal, one of the best fika spots in all of Stockholm. There, you’ll want to try Sweden’s most famous pastry – kanelbullar. Similar to a cinnamon bun (sans frosting) this tasty treat is gooey and delicious and goes extremely well with a cup of Swedish coffee.

Hotorgshallen food market Stockholm

By now it will be the afternoon and you’ll probably be getting hungry. Now, it’s time to head over to the Hötorgshallen underground food market for a gastronomical journey through Stockholm’s best food stalls. Here, you can sample different types of deli and smoked meats (think: reindeer and wild boar), cheeses, fresh fish and specialty coffees. International flavors also saturate this market hall with Middle Eastern kebabs, Japanese sushi, and Latin American specialties.

One stall you absolutely cannot miss while at Hötorgshallen Food Market is Kajsas Fisk, a buzzing fish restaurant. Their most popular dish is the fish soup, and it is more than worth trying. It’s so delicious and filling that it will leave you with little room for anything else. However, if you’re still hungry and want to try a classic Swedish dish, I’d recommend the toast skagen.

Toast skagen at Kajsas Fisk in Stockholm, Sweden

After lunch, take some time to explore the area surrounding Hötorgshallen before walking up to Monteliusvägen for the most beautiful view of the city. This quarter-mile hillside path leads you to stunning views of Lake Mälaren, City Hall, and Gamla Stan, and is exceptionally spectacular at sunset. You can enjoy the views from the several benches that sit atop of the viewpoint, or at Ivar Los Park. This lovely hillside park can be found at the end of the narrow footpath and offers equally amazing views.

View of Gamla Stan from Ivar Los Park in Stockholm, Sweden

Day Two in Stockholm

Start day two of your weekend in Stockholm with a boat trip to Drottningholm Palace. As you cruise through Lake Mälaren, you’ll witness Stockholm’s incredible natural beauty, as well as get a glimpse of traditional Swedish homes. When you arrive at Drottningholm Palace, you’ll have an hour before your boat goes back to either enter the UNESCO World Heritage site or explore its grounds.

Once back in the city, hop on the metro and make your way to Meatballs for the People for a taste of Sweden’s most prized dishes – meatballs of course! Order the chef’s choice from the menu, and you’ll get to sample four different kinds of meatballs accompanied by lingonberries and the creamiest mashed potatoes you’ve ever tasted. Trust me on this one, Meatballs for the People is a real treat for the tastebuds.

Tip: Meatballs for the People also caters to those who do not eat meat and offers vegetarian meatballs as well!

When you’ve had your fill of Swedish meatballs, head to Djurgården to explore the Vasa Museum. This museum is home to a 17th-century warship that is unbelievably almost completely intact. The ship is truly grand and definitely worth a visit.

After exploring the museum, take the tram (or rent an electric scooter) a bit further down the road to Rosendals Trädgård. A beautiful garden, open to the public, Rosendals features greenhouses, apple orchards and hundreds of colorful blooms. Here, you can enjoy fika, or even lunch, as the cafe offers dishes made with ingredients grown in the surrounding gardens!

Spend the rest of the afternoon lounging around Rosendals Trädgård, or continue exploring Djurgarden where you’ll find the ABBA Museum as well as the Gröna Lund amusement park.

End of Your Weekend in Stockholm

That wraps up a weekend in Stockholm full of plenty of activities! If you’re looking for some restaurant recommendations, check out my Top 3 Places to Eat in Stockholm guide so you’re fully prepped for your trip.

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